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VVV VVV VVVVVVVV VV VVVV:  http://thelettervsixtim.es/

Ok, ok: It's a fun game. The music is fantastic sidchip stuff. The graphics are pixel-y. The platforming is evil. Try it out!
It's core mechanic is that you can't jump - only reverse gravity.
edit: fixed links. :P

Video Playthrough


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dude what is this 

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Yeah I just stumbled across this a few minutes ago. It's pretty rad.

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Tried the demo the other day, OK concept, neat music.  $15 is far far too much for what it is.

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Looks like a blue sackboy.

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@Hamst3r: How much is it? Any reviews?
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How the FUCK is E leading?  You guys are all lame.  I'll try it later, sure.
Oh wait, 15$?  Um, no thanks.

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Destructoid gave it a perfect 10.

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I haven't heard of it but looking at the screenshots it better be pretty amazing gameplay to justify $15.

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@demontium said:

" @Hamst3r: How much is it? Any reviews? "

The full version is $15. I've only read one review - I don't recall where - which stated that it's about 2 hours if you just run through it. If you collect all the trinkets and explore the various modes in the game then you'll get quite a few more hours out of it.
The demo version is the first two levels and they do have some branching paths and whatnot.
  @Zombutler said:

" Destructoid gave it a perfect 10. "

Ah, thanks! Didn't know they reviewed it. Here's Destructoid's review: http://www.destructoid.com/review-vvvvvv-160087.phtml
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Yes, I've heard of it through the Deceased Cuttlefish's demo of it. Looks like fun, might get it a bit later.

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@Hamst3r: 10/10? 
Well its not like destructoid is completely trustable... but I guess I have to try it now. Its on steam correct?
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@demontium: The demo version is on their site for download or playable on Kongregate. The full version can be bought off their site as well.
A suggestion to those interested in this but not digging the $15 price tag: Split the cost with a few friends.
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How to talk to girls is teh winzzzz 
Ok, not really.
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@Hamst3r: Thats a fucking amazing gimmick, steam should let you buy games together.
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I really do love stuff like this. How'd you know?

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Just got to the end credits on this. DAMN, son - this be some mad platforming, yo. I shit you not, dawg. It's tough.
According to the stats screen at the end it took me 2 hours and 24 minutes. I died somewhere around 1113 times. 513 of those deaths were in a single room. I found 9 of the 20 trinket things.
To get an "S-Rank" you have to complete the game in no-death mode. 0 deaths to win. IMPOSSIBLE. There's also a Flip Mode where you play as Busta Rhymes and all the levels are inverted.
Stuff the demo didn't feature: Areas with forced vertical scrolling and spike walls on both the top and bottom. Areas with screen wrapping. Dodgeball. When you rescue the other crew members you have to escort them back to the ship, yet they can't do what you do, so you have to work around their limitations - for instance Violet only moves towards you and only when you're on the floor, if you're on the roof she'll stay put.
Anyways...I haven't explored all of the overworld and I haven't been able to get into some of the areas where the remaining trinkets are...so I guess I'm going back in.

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The controls for this game are way too sensitive for stuff you have to do. Also, only being able to see one screen at a time and having to dodge obstacles as soon as you enter a new screen is just frustrating, not challenging, especially for the floaty controls. These is also issues with detection of when the character is or isn't on a platform or touching things that kill you. Lastly, even if all of these things didn't exist, $15 is completely insane to ask for this game.

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I played the demo, and that was very neat.  It's always nice to see an indie game that focuses on unique gameplay mechanics.  I think I got my fill just playing the demo, but I get the impression that things get mixed up a bit across the levels, so I might wind up getting the full game.

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The name makes so much sense now that I see the game. I approve.

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I wondered what that was on the homepage.

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Did you make this?

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There are times where I wonder why I'm not a moderator. Removing people like him would be a pleasure.

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I think I'll wait for the inevitable ridiculous steam sale.

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@Linkyshinks said:
" VVVV VVV. "  
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Thought something was wrong with the main page, then I clicked on it. So this is a game huh? Coming to iPhone or anything?

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No commodore 64 version? 

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The demo is awesome, but $15 is very steep for a game that I'm just going to get frustrated at on the third level, ragequit, and never play again. I love indie games, and I love supporting indie devs, but this is a bit pricey for me. If/when it goes on a half price sale, I might get it.

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Fun to see all the kids on kongregate rage and vote 1 out 5 just because you have to pay for the game.

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The game reminds me of this flash game on [adult swim].
That was pretty fun.

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Are they V's or W's? 
So confusing. Anyways i will give it a try.
Ah grand, the maker is from Monaghan. Good man yerself Terry! Gow'an de Irish!

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I would definitely buy it if they'd be able to make and release it as an XBLA game. If that's not gonna happen I would buy it on Steam. I haven't bought a game download any other way so far and not planning to either.
[EDIT] Forgot all about the few Wii Virtual Console games I bought couple years ago xD. Actually I wouldn't mind to see it on Wii if that's an easier route. [/EDIT]
Really hoping to hear some bigger release plans later since it has potential with the open world type of gameplay I saw on the video which was made by the topic creator. 
Let me embed it here in case some of you are also interested to see what's outside the demo.

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What is this I don't even.

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@Nintendude: Thanks for posting that. I'm uploading the rest of the playthrough. I've uploaded 3 so far and it's looking like it'll be 9 parts in total.
The game doesn't get any easier as it goes on... x___x
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@Diamond said:
" Tried the demo the other day, OK concept, neat music.  $15 is far far too much for what it is. "
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stop being assholes
what, the difference between a $10 indie game and a $15 indie game is gonna break the bank?
this is a very well constructed, challenging, interesting game
it takes a simple platforming concept and goes as far as it can with it. This game is brilliant, and just because he put pixel graphics and chiptunes it's not worth $15?
this all reminds me of the whole braid thing, and penny arcade's rebuttal.

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finished in about 2:15 with 551 deaths and 16 of the shinies... the one in the rooms labeled Vini Vidi Vicci where you have to run the spike gauntlet back and forth... too much for me. Fingers cramped.

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Jebus, a game called aaaaAAAAAAAAAaaaaaa and a game called vvvvvvvvVVVVVVVVvvvvvv coming out in the same time span.

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This game is just a really shitty flash game, that rips off other slightly less shitty flash games, and then charges 15 dollars for it. I was kinda of exited for this game too, I mean the dude made Don't Look Back, the best flash game EVER, and then this comes out and sucks.

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FUCK this part
optional trinket
need to have it

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The soundtrack to this is amazing.

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If only the soundtrack came with the game, it would definitely justify the $15 price tag.
Edit: Oh wow, nevermind my screenshot, just saw that video and that guy also got it as his fifth trinket.

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@Hamst3r said:
"To get an "S-Rank" you have to complete the game in no-death mode. 0 deaths to win. IMPOSSIBLE. "
Yeah, I saw that in the menu. No one will ever pull that of without cheating. Certainly not me.

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