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In Wacky Waiters, the objective of the game is to serve diners in a multi-level restaurant as quickly as possible.  Players must guide a waiter through 5 endlessly moving elevators, being careful not to fall to their deaths by mistiming their entry into the lifts.   The waiter must first go to a diner to collect their order, then return to the kitchen to collect the meal.  Finally the meal must be returned to the diner in order to complete the task.  A constantly decreasing cash meter shows the "tip" that the player will earn for each meal delivered, encouraging speedy play.

Wacky Waiters is a frustratingly hard game due to the difficulty of entering the elevators without falling, and the speed at which the tip meter decreases.

Wacky Waiters was released on cassette tape for the Commodore VIC-20.    

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