Have you s-ranked wake up club yet?

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Have you?

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You're joking, right? It's been out for a day and there is a trophy for waking up on time for 365 days.

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You can change the clock on the vita

#5 Posted by MildMolasses (3190 posts) -

@JZ said:

You can change the clock on the vita

Is this where gaming has taken us? Fudging the system to get trophies for a glorified alarm clock app?

I'm out. Somebody send me a pm to tell how Bioshock Infinite turns out. I'm clearly not meant for this anymore

#6 Posted by amp_1986 (187 posts) -

No but the sad thing is I probably will eventually. You don't even need to change the vita clock to get it quickly though. You can just set the alarm to be a minute ahead of the current time and if you want you can grind it out in a few hours.

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Please, start adding more to your OP's and actually click reply when you "reply" to people. Your threads are starting to frustrate me AND mods are going to start locking up your threads if you just put 1 sentence into your OP.

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Can't reply or quote on an ipad

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@JZ: Alright. Well do the other thing then. Or else mods are going to lock up your threads every time they see one.

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