I just played this, it's very good.

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I had some free time this afternoon and when I saw this game was $5.00 on GOG I decided to buy it. I ended up playing it straight through from beginning to end and I have to say I was really impressed.

If you have fond memories of playing Metroid and Super Metroid and want a game with a similar exploration vibe, but basically no combat you should try this game. In a lot of ways it's more of an adventure game than anything, but nothing like the point & click type. The story is fairly hardcore Sci-fi. There are some attempts at humor in the dialogue scenes that don't always fly, but the story works pretty well. It's also got a pretty nice jetpack which you get a couple of alternate modes for as the game progresses,

It really gets interesting once you have all of the seed/spore types and you start raising the biomass levels. At that point, the interaction of all of the individual plants (Zoas) can be pretty impressive to just hang around and watch.

Anyway, who has played this? I hear it's pretty good on tablets too.

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Have it on iPad. It's ok. Nothing all that special.

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I really enjoyed this game when I played through it on my phone. Made for a great "play a couple hours in bed" type of game, because I could get lost exploring Mars and lull off to sleep.

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I'm curious how the controls on the tablet work. I used a 360 gamepad on PC and it was really easy to maneuver and throw seeds and I could switch seeds quickly with the bumpers. I can't imagine trying to touch control the jetpack while trying to pick seeds and throw them.

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@oraknabo: Ummm, been a while since I played it. I think it was touch and drag movement (esp. when in flight), and there are selection buttons to the top so you can swap between seeds. I didn't have a problem with the controls, it was pretty intuitive.

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