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Walk it out is a walking simulator for the wii, designed to be played using multiple control methods.


Walk it out features many different gameplay features
  • The primary gameplay consists of walking around a 3D world.
  • While walking, the player can change the world around them by using the wii remote as a pointer, and can create new buildings and environments
  • The player can select from a repertoire of over 120 songs to play.
  • There are timing and rhythm elements to the walking
  • There are multiple minigames. Details of these mini games have yet to be confirmed.
  • A personal trainer, called Liz appears in the trailer for the game. It is speculated she will play a role in the game, instructing the player on their exercise regime, however this is not confirmed.


Walk it out offers the players three different control types to play the game with:
  • Wii-remote and nunchuck only, the player places the Wii-Remote in his or her pocket just like in the jogging game in Wii Fit
  • Wii Balance board
  • Konami Dance Dance Revolution Dance Mat

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