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The usual tie-in from Dinsey/Pixar's latest movie. 0

WALL•E is, as you'd expect, the gaming spin-off of the latest Disney/Pixar movie that's currently on the cinema. It follows the story of WALL•E, the last remaining robot on earth - the planet was abandoned 700 years ago by the human race due to the sheer amount of rubbish and pollution that they had created, and so they all headed to an orbiting ship called the Axiom. The manufacturer of the WALL•E robots, BnL, promised that the planet would be cleaned up in 5 years, allowing the ship to return ...

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One of the better movie games that kids will enjoy. 0

Pros Captures same feeling as the movie. Easy to play, kid friendly. Multiplayer options. References to other Pixar movies. Cons A few bugs/glitches can catch you off guard. Short game with little replayability. Gameplay This game is definitely based moreso on simple puzzles and platforming then straight-up action. At first Wall-E is disorienting to control, but once you get the handle of him it's pretty easy. You can move around, jump, pick up cubes and throw them, as well as shoot when assi...

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The PC version is solid, but it won't impress hardcore gamers 0

If you've played Wall-E on the XBox 360, PS3, or Wii, you might be surprised to discover that the PC version is a completely different. It's actually a port of a separately developed PS2 version made by Asobo Studio, and I advise suspending judgment until trying it out. Even the demo does not do justice to the retail game, as it lacks any areas in which Wall-E is free to explore. Wall-E for the PC is primarily a platformer. As a platforming hero, Wall-E (who is essentially a small trash compact...

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