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The mechanic often appears in platform games, this allows to use the walls to do particular trick jumps, we can sometimes do it in a limited amount of times or permanently like in the game Zool.


The following may or may not be included in a given character's ability to wall jump.

  • Grip/stick/cling to the wall if a jump is not performed (wall grab). Useful for controlled descents (wall slide). Early examples include the NES version of Ninja Gaiden in 1988 and Strider in 1989.
  • Jumping off and controlled landing on the same wall at the same or a higher point (one-wall climb). This dates back to the Sega Master System version of Rastan in 1988.
  • Repeated wall jumping to ascend a narrow chute (two-wall climb, also known as wall-to-wall jump). The earliest examples of this date back to the Sega Master System console: Alex Kidd in Shinobi World in 1990 and Ninja Gaiden in 1992. More popular later examples include Super Mario 64 and the 3D Ninja Gaiden games.

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