Is anyone else finding the XBLA version a bit stuttery?

#1 Edited by snoopeasystreet (111 posts) -

Does anyone else find that the game is kind of stuttery?

I don't know if it's a problem with the animation or hitches in the framerate but it's really getting on my nerves.

#2 Posted by RedSox8933 (2501 posts) -

Yeah, I did notice that. It's not that bad though.

#3 Posted by Diamond (8678 posts) -

I think it's framerate related, don't know why it should be.  Doesn't hurt the gameplay though.  I like the way they have selection set up, eliminates pixel hunting and potential selection problems like Penny Arcade adventures had.

#4 Posted by SPiiKE (7 posts) -
@snoopeasystreet: Hadn't realy noticed . Probably to busy loving the game .
#5 Posted by Captain_Insano (2068 posts) -

yea seems a bit stuttery to me too, mainly in animation and dialogue in cutscenes. The dialogue itself is a ripper though and the gameplay is pretty solid so it's not too big of an issue

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