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Walter Peck first appeared in the Ghostbusters headquarters attempting to have an inspection. He is introduced to Peter Venkman, the leader of the team, and demands to have a look at the containment grid, but Venkman refuses. Peck warns him about his decision.

The next days, he shows up with the police attempting to shut down the containment grid. The Ghostbusters try to warn him of the consequences, but Peck ignores them and shuts the grid down, resulting in the releasing of the ghosts. When the team try to run, Peck has arrested them, accusing them to be responsible for the explosion.

When the Ghostbusters are released, Peck is dragged out of the Mayor's office, vowing revenge on them.

Ghostbusters: The Video Game

Peck appears in the game working with the Mayor and his job is being head of PCOC (Paranormal Contracts Oversea Commission). He has to pay what amounts the Ghostbusters caused damage to.

When they arrived in the museum, Peck wants them out, but is possessed by a ghost forcing them to spray slime on him. After the battle with the dinosaur ghost, Peck shows up and plans on shutting them down; he even tells Venkman that he doesn't care of losing his job if the Ghostbusters are done. While talking to them, Egon scans Peck to see his PKE energy is high.

The Ghostbusters return to the headquarters to find out the ghosts are released when the containment grid is shutted off, and suspected Peck of not only being responsible for the mess, but also being an occultist.

However, they are wrong when they see him as a hostage by Ivo Shandor, who possessed the Mayor and manipulated Peck into hindering them.

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