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The Walther Maschinenpistole is a series of sub-machine guns, produced by the well-known German arms company. The Walther MP series is split into two main categories: the Maschinenpistole Kurz (Machine Pistol Short), and the Maschinenpistol Lang (Machine Pistol Long). These names are then abbreviated and shortened further, to 'MPK' and 'MPL', respectively. 
The Walther MP series fires the 9x19mm round, which is commonly used in pistols, and is also known as the '9mm Parabellum'. The MP family of weapons fires at approximately 550 rounds per minute. In real life, the longer model (known as the 'MPL') can prove accurate to distances up to 200 meters. Production of the 'MP' series of weapons halted in 1985, and both variants are now quite rare.  

Game Appearances

Below is an incomplete list and description of games in which the Walther Maschinenpistole series of weapons appears. 

Call of Duty: Black Ops

 The MPL, as it appears in the in-game menus
The variant of the 'MP' series of sub-machine guns that appears in Treyarch's 2010 release, Call of Duty: Black Ops is the 'MPL'. It appears only during Multiplayer, and is unlocked at Rank 35. The MPL has a high rate of fire and a fast reload, but is setback due to its recoil. This recoil can be reduced through purchasing the Grip attachment for the weapon, as this will make it more stable. However, this leaves another problem open: the iron sights. The iron sights on the MPL in-game are completely unique, and are a very unpopular aspect of the weapon. In Black Ops, the MPL fires at 935RPM, which is enough to shred an enemy in less than a second. In online multiplayer, the MPL comes with a 32-round magazine as standard - in Zombies, this is capped to 24 rounds (likely for balancing issues or to make Zombies more difficult).
 MPL pick-up icon, as it appears in online
During the Zombies mode, the MPL can be purchased for 1000 Points. On both of the core Zombie maps included with Black Ops ( Five, and Kino der Untoten), the MPL is an early weapon made available to players. It is effective during early rounds, but loses its effectiveness during later rounds. During early rounds however, the weapon can be useful for rapidly generating points, as its low damage allows you to dump ammunition into enemies and earn considerable points per kill. Should the MPL be placed in the Pack-a-Punch machine, it becomes known as the 'MPL-LF', and gains a 40 round magazine, increased damage, and a Red Dot Sight. The 40-round magazine is highly beneficial, as by standard, the MPL only has a 24 round magazine during Zombies.

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