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Wanda is the fairy godmother of Timmy Turner. She knows that Timmy and Cosmo are both idiots, but she will still help them when they are stuck in a jam. Before she married cosmo, she dated Wandecimo. Wandecimo was Cosmo's rival in Fairy high school. He would always out smart Cosmo, out think him, and he would always crush Cosmo in a test of strength or dance. When Wanda decided to marry cosmo, Wandecimo was crushed. However, he promised that he would come back for his true love. Wanda is the only fairy in fairyworld who likes chocolate. When Wanda gets around chocolate, it makes Timmy and Cosmo look like they are smart. Sometimes, Timmy and Cosmo both try to trick Wanda into eating chocolate so that they can do something she said not to do. This usually ends poorly for Timmy and Cosmo. Wanda thinks that the Fairy trainer Jorgan, is a moron. This is true, but her pride has sometimes caught up to her. Like all fairies, she too has a weakness against nets. When she gets captured she is as weak as a kitten.   

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