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Wander is a simple character. He has long hair, wears a traditional garb and is armed with only a bow with unlimited arrows and a stolen sword that can focus the sun's rays to lead the way to each colossi. Throughout the game he barely ever speaks but when he does it is in an unknown language and the only words are to his steed, Agro.

Role in the Story

The game begins with Wander entering the Forbidden Land on his horse, Agro . Wander reaches the altar of the Shrine of Worship carrying the body of a girl named Mono, who he wishes to resurrect with the help of the rumored entity with control over life- Dormin. A group of shadow-like creatures appear to attack Wander but he easily defeats them with his sword and the disembodied Dormin who has witnessed the display begins talking to him. Dormin expresses surprise that Wander possesses such a sword, but tells him that he will resurrect Mono if Wander can defeat the sixteen colossi located throughout the land using his sword.

Despite Dormin telling Wander he may be paying a great price to resurrect Mono, he sets out across the land and defeats the colossi one by one, aided only by his faithful horse. With each colossi that falls, Wander's appearance becomes darker; his skin becomes paler, his hair grows darker, black veins appear across his face and a pair of small horns begin growing out of his head. But as Wander's appearance deteriorates, Mono's improves, her voice being able to be faintly heard after the vanquishing of each colossus. After the fall of the twelfth colossus Wander learns he is being pursued by the shaman Lord Emon and his followers.

Upon traveling to the location of the sixteenth and final colossus Wander watches his horse Agro sacrifice itself by throwing him to safety while he rides Agro across a collapsing bridge. Wander faces the final colossus alone and Lord Emon and his company arrive at the Shrine of Worship just in time to see the Wander defeat the last of the colossi. Wander's appearance once again changes for the final time and announcing that Wander has been possessed, Lord Emon orders his warriors to kill him. Wander tries to make his way to Mono only to be attacked by Emon's men which leaves him spurting black blood, before he is consumed by darkness and dies in the same manner as one of the colossi. Dormin takes control of his body, transforming him into a huge and shadowy beast and explains that each colossus contained a piece of him, sealed away. As Wander had defeated each colossus, the piece of Dormin within was transfered to him and now all the pieces of Dormin had been reunited, making him complete again.

Lord Emon's men run from the newly reborn Dormin and Emon casts Wander's mythical sword into a pool at the back of the shrine, creating a whirlwind of light which engulfs Dormin and by extension Wander. As Emon and his warriors make it back to the entrance of the Forbidden Land, Emon expresses that if Wander survived, he hoped he could one day atone for his crimes. Mono awakens inside the temple of the shrine, resurrected by Dormin and Agro limps towards her with an injured hind leg. Mono follows Agro to the pool into which Wander's sword was cast and finds a male child with two small horns on its head, presumably a reborn Wander. She takes the child and they and Agro ascend to the highest levels of the Shrine of Worship and enter a secret garden as the game ends.


  • Wander is voiced by Kenji Nojima.
  • Wander is sometimes mistakenly referred to as "Wanda," an error caused by the Japanese pronunciation of the name.
  • Like the character Ico from the game of the same name (and also developed by Team Ico), Wander was originally meant to have horns at the beginning of the game but this idea was abandoned.
  • Wander's garb has the magic sigil on it, found on Lord Emon's robes and the weak points of the colossi.

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