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Wangan Midnight Maximum Tune 2 is the second game in the Maximum Tune series once again pitting players against CPU or against eachother in the streets of tokyo and the rural mountain passes. Once again it features cross-cabinet multiplayer in which players race competitively with their own customized car. The game allows players to upgrade their car and store that data on a

magnetic card, much like the first

. As well as multiplayer, the game features a single player story and time attack mode as well as a brand new mode known as 10-out-run. The arcade cabinet retains the same hardware features of the first game featuring a gear input, pedals and a steering wheel.

This game has a variety of different tracks from the first which the player can choose to race on either the day or night variation

New Features

  • New mode single player, 10-Out-Run: The player must overtake 10 opponents each catagorized by a grade ranking system.
  • Different track variation featuring new tracks.
  • More car tuning details

Technical Details

  • This game used the Sega Chihiro type arcade system.
  • The game ran on the RenderWare engine
  • The game features magnetic cards.


The game features a multitude trance tracks by composer

Yuzo Koshiro

which are played whilst the player races. The games popularity justified the release of an official sound track disk much like the first.

  • 01 Overdrive Neurotransmitters
  • 02 Maximum Acceleration
  • 03 Stream Of Tears(more tranced remix)
  • 04 Feel the Passion
  • 05 Beyond The Horizon
  • 06 Upbeat Gas Junkie
  • 07 Fun-Loving Spirit
  • 08 Speed Fenatic
  • 09 Driver's Delight
  • 10 Decoration For The Dement
  • 11 Ghost in the Resonance
  • 12 Stream Of Tears
  • 13 Total Terror
  • 14 Smoldery Guest
  • 15 Atheist On The Highway
  • 16 This is My Destiny
  • 17 Unlawful Temptation
  • 18 Acid Runner
  • 19 Nothing Lives Forever
  • 20 Destination Blackout
  • 21 Blue Blazes
  • 22 Another Dimension
  • 23 Holy Land Anthem

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