Anyone else playing this?

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After hearing about this from Drew on Friday, I checked it out. So far this game seems pretty cool, better than World of Warplanes. Any other GB duders playing this?

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I'm playing it and I love it. Slowly leveling up my Russian Planes (only just got to rank 2, which has granted me some Assault planes) and it's really cool to just hop in a battle or 2 a night.

Also the new 1.27 patch is awesome.

Duders should definitely check this out.

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Yeah, I'm really liking it. Leveling my American Planes to try and get my favourite plane (P51D)

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I'm only about level 1 with each country but,I love it so far. I was seriously impressed by the variety of planes and the easy mouse controls. This seems like something the flight club guys would be into.

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Hell yeah! Leveling up the German tech tree. It will be amazing when they unveil the land and sea troops.

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I've been playing the hell outta this game, rank 8 in USA and Japan.

Been trying to avoid the temptation to play the OP Russian planes

fukkin yaks

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Apparently this got Greenlighted on Steam. I'll be sure to check it out when I get the time!

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Having a lot of fun with this, really opens up once you get past the first couple of levels with a country.

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Is the forum broken?

...anyway, I've been playing War Thunder for the past 3 weeks. I've made it to player lvl 8, averaging lvl 3 in most countries, and my top country is russia on lvl 7.

It was all going well and i maintained a top position for the majority of the games i've played but mysteriously, either something has changed in the game, server side, when i reached lvl 8, or i somehow woke up terrible at the game.

Either way, it's a pertty good game while it lasts and the mouse and keyboard controls work(ed) fairly well with the flight model.

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This game is awesome. So fun to pick up and play. Tons of stats tied to each plane though. little overwhelming

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I'm playing with the name mrGREEK360 with the Sitek X52 PRO Flight Stick HOTAS. Add me if there is a friends list in game. I'm really looking forward to the WAR THUNDER Quick Look that Drew said is incoming. I hope it come soon tho as I'm refreshing every few hours hoping it will pop up. :(

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I have been harrassing drew to quicklook this for a few months. Glad he is finally showing interest. If anyone wants to play let me know. Name in game is Duesdextera. All my nations are around level 11

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Absolutely love it. Full on sims like DCS are amazing but the way this game offers Arcade, Historical, and Full Real Battles I think is really great. Super impressed with the work invested in this and I think the level of detail is amazing, not just graphics but the flight models and physics.

Once I literally had to land using my flaps because both my ailerons and elevators were non-functional.

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I'll give it a shot on PS4. What I've seen of it on youtube looks quite awesome. Wonder how it'll all come together, once they patch in ground vehicles.

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I started playing it last night. It's really cool. I'm actually playing it using the HOTAS controller that came with Ace Combat 6 for 360. It's guts is a Saitek x45 (or something like that, I guess). Windows 8 detected the stick without needing drivers, WT detected the stick and it took like 15 min to configure all the buttons to my liking. I don't have a TrackIR (yet) but the stick has a hat on it I have mapped to look around.

Playing American at the moment. Once I get out of the beginner planes I'll start leveling Japan also.

Do you guys know, do you get more XP for doing the non-arcade modes? I wasn't sure.

Also, Steam has a $19 dlc you can do that gives you the P51D, does anyone know can you fly it immediately or do you still have to work your way through the ranks to get to it?

Feel free to add me; name in game is DrChi

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I downloaded this game a few days ago, and it's pretty damn fun. I love airplanes of any kind so this is perfect. Also I can't wait for the land and sea vehicles.

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Me. I am.

Fattony12000 be my name.

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Me. I am.

Fattony12000 be my name.

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I'll add everyone that put their names here. I'm Epidemik in game. I'm super into this game for the last few days. So much so that I got a premium membership and I'm looking into getting a stick. Game controls surprisingly well with mouse and keyboard, though.

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Well dang, I finally decided to check this game out, and I'm really enjoying it. I wish I had gotten into it sooner. In fact, I'm liking it so much that I'm starting to think about getting a stick and Track IR, and holding off on a new console.

I haven't played a flight combat game this much since Wing Commander 3. I tend to lean towards the space sim stuff, since I'm too intimidated by DCS or flight sims of that level of realism, but this seems to strike a really good balance.

The damage modeling is amazing too! I have a ton of fun just getting shot up and struggling to make it back to the base and land. Every time is a new, interesting challenge trying to fly with different limitations.

Edit: Oh, and my name is ChamferScuffgate in the game.

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