I want to play some W2

#1 Posted by Atta (136 posts) -

so ever since JohnMarsden posted his awesome interview with Jimmy (which you should check out asap if you haven't done so already) i've been having this nostalgia itch for warcraft 2. and since it's more than a decade old I was wondering if there is any free, LEGAL way to play it and other awesome 90s games
i thought of the battle.net edition, but the sucker costs about 10 times as much as warcraft 3 on amazon and, in my current situation, that's way too damn much for an itch
I tried to google this question and that resulted in a site called best old games, but...it doesn't really seem legal
any ideas?

#2 Posted by Tebbit (4489 posts) -

I don't think, at this stage in the life-cycle of that game, legality has to come into it! 
I'd just pirate it. Figuratively speaking that is...

#3 Posted by Atta (136 posts) -
 usually i would. i have it on my must buy list anyway. but i'm not at home now so yeah...

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