jabrulz's Warcraft II: Tides of Darkness (PC) review

Bigger War

Warcraft II is a resource gathering RTS which pits orcs vs humans. 
Adding to Warcraft, there are now new units (including air and water units) for both sides. Roads no longer exist. And a range of spells to cast. 
Animations are nice from wood cutting, lugging bags of gold to casting spells. I especially like how units die, they sort of go splat on the ground. 
Each unit has an assortment of (sometimes amusing) things to say each time you click on them. Structures also get their own sound. The background music is desent also I can remember the tune. 
The story begins with the orcs crossing an ocean in order crush the humans and their newly formed alliance. 
This second installment of Warcraft has more viable strategies and is a better looking game. You still can however only select nine units at a time.


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