Warcraft 4

#1 Posted by liam151 (23 posts) -

It would be amazing i wish they would make it, but this stupid WOW has ruined everything.

#2 Posted by Hitchenson (4708 posts) -

I don't think Blizzard see it that way...

#3 Posted by Wolverine (4572 posts) -
@liam151: Yeah I bet Warcraft 4 will come out eventually but not for a really long time.
#4 Posted by spidapig64 (20 posts) -

@salamai115: Warcraft is coming

#5 Edited by Einherjan (605 posts) -

In the words of the all mighty blues: When it's done. Lets just home it doesn't turn out like Duke Nukem Forever and become vaporware.

#6 Posted by ToxicFruit (1884 posts) -

they are making millions of WoW don't think they will release warcraft 4 unless they need a new place and story in WoW 

#7 Posted by Luke (1812 posts) -

Well, you could just try and play Orcs in Space II, for the time being.  It'll probably come-out in less than a year! :p 

#8 Posted by Bureksasutlijom (215 posts) -

Seeing as how long it took for Starcraft II,I would hold my breath just yet.

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