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Wardner was originally released in 1988 for the arcades by Taito and Visco, known as Pyros to American audiences and Wardner no Mori to Japanese players. The game later received a Famicom Disk System port, also titled Wardner no Mori, and eventually a Sega Genesis port. The Sega Genesis port was released in 1991, and was known as Wardner in all territories, except for Japan. Wardner was developed by Toaplan.

The game follows Dover, a young magician, on his quest to destroy the evil Wardner. Wardner kidnaps Dover's girlfriend, Mia, while they are visiting the town of Niknik, so it's up to Dover to save Mia and overthrow Wardner once and for all.


 Dover sets out on his quest.
Wardner is a traditional action platformer. Dover's primary method of attacking is by throwing a fireball, which destroys most enemies in one hit. The game has six stages, ranging from various forest locales, to Wardner's fortress. Each stage has a boss, who possess improved abilities and health compared to the normal enemies of each level.

At the end of each stage, Dover has the opportunity to purchase upgrades, using the money accrued throughout the preceding level. Power-ups include the power of the moon, clocks, musical instruments, and improved jumping capabilities.    

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