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Warface is a Free to play first person shooter developed by Crytek, running on CRYENGINE. Warface is instantly accessible through Crytek's the GFACE social hub on a web browser. Warface went live [open Beta] on October 22, 2013. On August 28, 2013, Crytek announced that availability on the Xbox 360 would come in early 2014.


The game will feature a variety of game modes and 4 different classes. Players have the ability to slide, experience points is boosted while preforming slide kills. Real time weapon customization give the player fast weapon tweaking in real time. There are two factions a player can choose from, the Warface Faction and the Blackwood faction.

Game Modes

  • Team Deathmatch - Standard game mode, team versus team. Reach maximum score or have the most points to achieve victory
  • Free For All - In free for all it's you against the world. Reach maximum points or have the most points to achieve victory
  • Plant The Bomb - Team based objective mode. One team must plant the bomb in the enemy base. The other team defends.
  • Storm - Objective based gamemode, capture three points in the map in succession. The other team must defend those points from the attacking team. Sides are exchanged when the time expires.
  • Destruction - Deliver three air strikes on the enemy position in this team based objective mode. One team must hold the position on the map located in the center of the map.
  • Coop Missions - Earn Coop Reward Points, work toghether.


Rifleman Class

The balanced class, a rifleman is all providing cover fire and is the driving force in the team. Made for close to medium range combat scenarios. A rifleman's Special Action is resupplying ammo to their teammates and themselves while in combat. Starting weapon Assault Rifle R4A1.

Sniper Class

Sniper Class

A sniper class is silent and deadly. Equipped for long range combat scenarios, a sniper's Special Action is the ability to take down critical targets from long range. Sniper class starting weapon Sniper Rifle SVK.

Medic Class

The medic class is built for close combat. The medic class has the ability to heal themselves and their allies. Fallen allies can be revived. The Starting Weapon is a Richmond 770 Shotgun.

Engineer Class

The engineer is tactically equipped for close to medium range. The class's Action is the ability to restore allies armor as well as their own. Engineers can also plant claymores and detonate on moment's notice.

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