why the hell is this not called warcry?

#1 Posted by dOm_CaTz (257 posts) -

I mean seriously, it's so fucking obvious it's not even funny. This needs to happen ASAP.

#2 Edited by AgentDanger (31 posts) -

While WarCry would make sense in light of their previous game and technology names (Far Cry, Crysis, CryEngine) as well as company name (Crytek), the real reason I suspect they went with "Warface" is probably the fact that "Warcry" is pretty generic and would, therefore, be hard to protect as an unique trademark.

#3 Posted by ImmortalSaiyan (4712 posts) -

Because Warface is a dumb name I can rally behind.

#4 Posted by dungbootle (2428 posts) -

girl lemme see ya warface

#5 Posted by dOm_CaTz (257 posts) -

@AgentDanger: yea but with WarCry it keeps that "tradition" going. Feels like a cop out going to WarFace

#6 Posted by Winternet (8080 posts) -

Sure, because WarFace isn't generic at all.

#7 Posted by Subjugation (4753 posts) -

In terms of sheer amount of dumb, Warface wins. At least Warcry would have made sense on multiple levels.

#8 Posted by Savage (368 posts) -
#9 Posted by Rainbowkisses (467 posts) -

I have no idea. Warface is such a bad title.

#10 Posted by MooseyMcMan (11485 posts) -

I think Warface is so dumb that it's great.

#11 Posted by Thanatos3 (82 posts) -

There is a game called WarFace. There is no reason not to let this happen.

#12 Posted by Abendlaender (2904 posts) -

Actually, I think CryFace would be a much better name

#13 Posted by dOm_CaTz (257 posts) -

@Abendlaender: This is a middleground I am willing to accept.

#14 Posted by AgentDanger (31 posts) -

@Winternet said:

Sure, because WarFace isn't generic at all.

But in terms of securing and establishing a name for their product/service WarFace was probably more unique - as strange as that name is ;)

#15 Posted by Superfriend (1593 posts) -

They should call their next game CryWar and make it some sort of internet forum-simulator.

#16 Posted by Jams (2967 posts) -

they should call it assface

#17 Posted by dOm_CaTz (257 posts) -

@Jams said:

they should call it assface

so rikishi confirmed as a playable character?

#18 Posted by JasonR86 (9738 posts) -

Warface is a really, really, really, really dumb name.

#19 Posted by Reisz (1545 posts) -

That RPS article blows me away, It's much easier to see what happened to Crysis2 when you see that Yerli is living in a fantasy land. It seems he isn't down to earth enough to focus on the important things like gameplay but not crazy enough to actually create something really unique. . . .

God I loved the first half of Crysis, I'd be fine with more of that.

#20 Posted by Veektarius (5064 posts) -

@Superfriend said:

They should call their next game CryWar and make it some sort of internet forum-simulator.

That's meta

#21 Posted by danmcn12 (86 posts) -

@Winternet said:

Sure, because WarFace isn't generic at all.

Dumb =/= generic. WarCry is a spell in about every RPG game and probably the name of some tablet top RPG. WarFace is silly sounding but at least it isn't common.

#22 Posted by Ghostiet (5448 posts) -

Because show me your warface, brother!

#23 Posted by dOm_CaTz (257 posts) -

@Ghostiet: this good enough?

#24 Posted by Ghostiet (5448 posts) -
That warface is hella dope.

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