Drumming Them Drums Like The Wolf (Contest)

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So there is a contest going on Warframe to see which players can produce the best video of them playing the Taiko Drums in game.

I posted the details of the contest below

Attention Tenno, with the introduction of the new Taiko Drum in the Dojo, we want to hear your best beats!

Submit your Taiko Drum song video to this thread using a video host like Youtube, and the top 5 as decided by us will receive 1000 Platinum!


  • Video cannot exceed 20 seconds
  • Music must be made by the Taiko Drum only
  • Only videos will be accepted (no music clips/files)
  • Up to 8 Tenno can be “in the band”
  • One submission per person
  • All songs must be in 1 take (no mash ups or compilations)
  • The top 5 videos as decided by us will receive 1000 Platinum each! (includes band members)
  • Submit ALL video entries in this thread!

Contest will end October 7th 2013 @ 4PM EDT.(timezone link:


Let’s get creative Tenno!

The Giant Bomb Warframe Clan has assembled the instruments and now we need ideas and help to come up with a contest submission.

Whether or not you may be played, playing or have never played Warframe any sort of suggestions and or feedback will be appreciated.

If time permits I like to post progress (perhaps demos) so people can give feedback. I am also going to be posting the submission from other players (the competition) as a comparison of how we match with them.

Here's a demo of what each drum sounds like:

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(I don't know everyone's GB usernames so If you see people in game please direct them to this post.)

Scoping out the competition

So far the decent submissions



Please check them out and think of ideas of how to do better than them

An oversight is the drums are place far apart that one player won't be able to play multiple drums. This means we will really need to work as a team and coordinate the beats and play in time with each other. We may need to build a new set of drums, position them close enough so that a player could with decent rhythm could come in and play around with the drums.

But I do not want to start building new drums and layout without some of your feedback.

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Play this: Win internet.

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I'll have to take a look at these drums in-game and think of something. I know we can all put our heads together and win this thing. It's just going to take some coordination.

Now, the thing is...it can ONLY be the drum beats? Can we not use anything else in-game? For instance, can we not use an assault rifle off to the side making some type of sound effects as a beat, like a trill cymbal ride or something? Maybe someone smashing down from the air with a sword in some way? I think the winners of this competition are going to be the ones that use the drums as well as other things in-game to create something incredible.

With eight members, that would be fairly possible.

Moreover, can only one person play the drums? Can we not get, like, two or three people to play the drums while others use the rest of the sound effects available in the game?



As soon as the famous *DUN-DUN DUN-DUN DUN-DUN DUNDUN DUN DUN* kicks in, with a little bit of the stuff after... IT'S PERFECT!

Loading Video...

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Is that an Alex reference?


I do not have a machine on which I can play Warframe right now though.

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@jakob187: We can have up to 8 people playing at once, but it has to be in one video

It's going to take a lot of coordination to get 8 people to cooperate.

As for adding gun sounds and sword swings I don't think that would be possible the rules are pretty clear it must be the drums. Plus all weapons holstered when inside the dojo with exception of when you are dueling.

  • All songs must be in 1 take (no mash ups or compilations)
  • Music must be made by the Taiko Drum only

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@rapid: Hrmm...

Honestly, it's not that hard to coordinate eight people. It is just going to take a day or two of practice and some guys with rhythmic capabilities. Use Skype to communicate and practice it all. The only real issue would be potential server lag and delay as well as complexity of whatever we are trying to play.

It has to be something simple where the drums can be used to play the melodies as well. We don't have to be Buddy Rich in there (although, if we were, I'm pretty sure they'd throw us way more than 1,000 plat for it). We just have to play it well, make it recognizable and distinguished for the sounds and melodies we want to do, and make sure everyone else's entries look like shit compared to us.

Does anyone else have any ideas for tunes to use? We'd have to get started on practicing this stuff soon for anyone that wanted to get involved with it.

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I am not musically inclined in the slightest, and couldn't put together a melody if my life depended on it.

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I purposely put the drums far apart so each person would have their own drum. I have yet to see any decent solo playing and any team playing just sounds uncoordinated and sloppy. I do have to wonder what's stopping someone from cheating though. Surely a single person could record 8 beats and layer them together and just edit in a video to make it look like it was recorded live.

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Wow, these drums are fun.

Try binding Use to two adjacent keys (I used numpad 1 and 2). You can really wail on these things!


I guess there's no upper limit on how many times per second you can bang on these things. Using an external turbo function lead to some phat beats.

I also put a duplicate trio of the smaller drums off to the side just to mess around and see what can be done.

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Playing with these taiko drums make me miss my Taiko no Tatsujin days... I used to be somewhat proud at being pretty good with fake taiko drums.

Try binding Use to two adjacent keys (I used numpad 1 and 2). You can really wail on these things!

I tried binding it to my (smooth) mouse wheel. It's really fun to roll the drums that way!

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@ravenlight: Just tried that on my fight stick and it sounds like a machine gun firing.

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Some inspiration on how Taiko drums are being used, more traditionally:

Loading Video...
Loading Video...
Loading Video...

and so on. I'm sure someone with musical talent can make a plan for this. :P

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Alas, I am musically retarded. But you guys seem pumped for this so I'm excited to see what yall come up with.

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@tauzen: Nice job! Now the hard part will teaching us how to work together to play that. How many instruments (people you need) to play and when is a good time for us to Band Practice.

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@rapid: It's flexible in that some parts are either the exact same or very similar, so we don't need 8 people total. I'm going to call for a minimum of 5, but 4 could work too.

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If we can get anything sounding remotely like that .wav, we'll beat out the majority of the current submissions easily.

Anyone want to suggest a time for band practice?

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@ravenlight said:

If we can get anything sounding remotely like that .wav, we'll beat out the majority of the current submissions easily.

Anyone want to suggest a time for band practice?

Haha, for sure. A lot of people are doing solos but they're just too bad. There's only a single beat so you get no variation like you can with a real drum. I think as long as we can keep a rhythm, we stand a chance of winning going by the standard of entries so far. Looking at the rules, we could even each have separate drums kits as it only makes mention of a maximum of 8 players.

I don't know what time is good for everyone else as we're all over the place but I'm sure we can sort something out soon and we still have plenty of time as the contest doesn't end until the 7th.

UPDATE: Working on something at the moment just trying to work out a composition. Playing the instruments myself, working out the timing and stuff. Going to record it and post it here and see what you guys think then we can do the full thing if you like it.

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Best entry by far

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So it looks like the best we could probably get this done is very late tonight or more likely Saturday.

I'll be in-game today simotaneously all during Unprofessional Fridays, I might be away from the game (since I'll be half watching the show)

It looks like @tauzen and @mrcraggle have ideas so hopefully they will see this post: Please list times when you two will be online.

That way the rest of us will have an idea when we should be online as well.

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@rapid: I'm going to be watch UF but I'll be on after that. I'll need some time alone with the drums though so I can work out the beat and timings.

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@rapid: What program do you use to stream/record? I've got some drum ideas but I'm a n00b at recording.

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@jakob187: @humanity: @audiobusting: @mnemoidian: @tauzen: @ravenlight: @rapid: I hope someone was able to come up with something but I really couldn't get it together. I was able to get a good beat going but as soon as I started layering additional drums on top of the base beat, it just ended up sounding like noise. I can now why so many videos only have a single beat at a time.

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Just messing around there, it sounds better on the biggest drum and I imagine would sound great with some accompaniment.

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I'm not too sure what's going on but it seems that latency issues among other things are getting in the way. Here's some pics from tonight though:

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@mrcraggle@jakob187: @humanity: @audiobusting: @mnemoidian: @tauzen: @ravenlight: @rapid:

After a night of messing around we tried our best to cobble together a tune. After 30 minutes I think this is the best we got of playing together.

Loading Video...

If we don't record again @tekums or @tauzen feel free to submit that to the contest page if you like. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S9ss45ZjmHQ)

Ravenlight Decided to record his own EP "Speed Drums" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0ua-lyWRnI8)

Loading Video...

Note: The forum to submit entries is here: https://forums.warframe.com/index.php?/topic/113786-drum-contest-is-now-live/

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@rapid: Speed drums with the little mini drum kit in the corner was pretty fun.

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Haha, what is that gong at the beginning? It's perfect!

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@ravenlight: ambient noise from the dojo =) works great! You should submit it, that or your solo from before.

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Shit, guys. I'm sorry that I haven't been on that much lately. Between the fair being in town, my one-year anniversary with my girlfriend, and having to pull ridiculous hours at work, my availability has been scarce. I feel like I've let down the clan on this. = (

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