Giant Bomb Dojo?

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So i have a question. I am part of the neon lobsters and i just built a Dojo i have no fucking clue how this thing works? Can anyone in the clan come into my Dojo? do i have to invite them? do we have just a central Dojo? because some of those rooms are expensive as all hell, it would make better sense if we were all pulling resources to pimp the place out proper.


our Warlord (katori) controls how to Dojo works. well then. lets hope he is still playing. if not il make a new GB clan and we'll get to building!

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I've stopped playing Warframe. It got way too samey after while. Does the most recent update do anything to address that?

Oh and "katori" means mosquito repellent. Going to assume the devs did that on purpose xD

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@Ravenlight no that's just the of our clan leader. Have not been able to get in touch with him to see if he is still active. If all else fails I will start a new giant bomb clan. I'm fairly active in the game. Been playing since the closed beta

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I've stopped playing Warframe. It got way too samey after while.

Samey in what way? I got in somewhere in Update 5, during the closed beta. I'm playing it way more now then before but it's still the same 'run through corridors, fragging and slicing through enemies' game it was back then. Now there's more movement mechanics for walls, more environments, Warframes, weapons, customization of weapons/warframes and a couple new enemy types for the different factions. Update 8 just added a prestige-like system to the Warframes and weapons, vastly increasing how much more grinding you can do.

I would say it's still very much the same game, just the feature set and options have expanded. Guess it would also depend on how much you can stand the grind. Hard to disguise the game as a giant run & gun grind machine.

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