Help Giant Bomb Heavy INC Take Over Warframe Space!

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Update: We did it! We won for now! Mars -Kardesh now belongs to Gaint Bomb Heavy Industries!

The Giant Bomb PC Clan need help fellow duders coming up with a mission statement for Giant Bomb Heavy Industries Clans plan to contest a node in Warframe Star Chart with our Solar Rails. In short, yes its like a PVE version of EVE Online. Where the more players that play a mission on our side the greater control we have on the node.

We need a catchy and persuasive mission statement to tell the players to support us!

We are currently contesting the "Shadows In the Dark Alliance" and they are all like "Keep the tenno focused on balance blah blah..." LAME!

Our mission statement current is

"Brought to you by VinnCo: Keeping space safe for the small businessman."

Ideas for anything better?

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@rapid said:

"Brought to you by VinnCo: Keeping space safe for the small businessman."

That's pretty good to me, sir, to be honest

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We were instantly challenged however, so make sure to take some time to actually visit the dark zone while we control it, and get ready to defend the rail over the weekend.

It seems to me that unless people eventually get bored/discouraged of contesting, DE will eventually need to adjust either the duration of the challenge or the duration of the "preparation for the next challenge" - Dark Zones being available only every third day, while the challenge missions are a bit lackluster (other than for the Tenno specters, which are conceptually really cool - even if Trinity is the only real danger :P)

Also, seems likely to me that a big alliance with a lot of active people will eventually, through tax, earn enough to completely dominate the Dark Sector landscape, to the point where it'll take a huge concentrated effort to dislodge them from individual Dark Sectors.

And yeah, I really don't think the "NO TAXES!" crowd are going to get very far in the long run, as they will never be able to offer Battle Pay, and as a result - as WE saw - people will not fight for them, even if the challenging battle pay is only 200 credits.

It's an interesting feature though, and one that has quite a lot of potential in the long run, if they iterate on it.

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As expected, getting challenged by an alliance including Moon clan(s?) (meaning up to 1000 players) - as reported by the very humble post in this thread (which has since been deleted, cute.) resulted in us losing the struggle. I think it was a pretty bad timing for us, with a few of us away, but those who fought, fought well.

That said, there were some changes in last night's patch which are in line with what I wrote in my previous post:

Dark Sector Changes:

  • Added in Armistices to Dark Sector conflicts. These Peace Time Bonuses will provide a guaranteed 24 hours of peace to the node before it can be attacked again, plus additional time based on the winning teams Solar Rail health and existing deploy time for a maximum of 3 days worth of Peace on the specific node.
  • Dark Sector conflict now have a max duration of 12 hours
  • Added a Mod drop table for Tenno Specters.

All nice changes - the wider the margin of the victory, the longer the Dark Sector cannot be contested. I'm a bit concerned that the conflict time is only 12 hours now - that makes it likely that a lot of conflicts will occur during the period of the day when people are at work, making it harder for clans that are not geographically distributed over many timezones.

And Tenno Specter's getting loot is just gravy.

rest of the changes can be read here:

Many (other) interesting changes, including a new weapon, but not really relevant for the Dark Sector/Solar rail discussion here.

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