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#1 Edited by Jackel2072 (2266 posts) -

so i have decided to start a new GB clan because i can not seem to get a hold of our old Clan leader (Neon Lobsters) and without him and we cant start to build our Dojo! so im proud to announce Giant Bomb HEAVY INC (stole that from the syndicate clan) please send a friends request to me Jackel2072 in the game or write your tag down here and il add you. I plan on lifting some restrictions so the clan can continue to build the Dojo out without my permissions. so come on guys lets get building and make to best god damn NWA themed, space Dojo EVER!

please note that as of this moment May 26th i have to go to work! so if i dont add you right away dont fear i will add you later tonight when i get home! im also looking for officers who could help me maintain the clan while im doing adult stuff i rather not be doing!

#2 Edited by mrcraggle (1954 posts) -

I was just about to post about the old clan as I got your clan invite. I also sent out a bunch of friend requests from the user name topic last month but only a few people actually accepted. Maybe the GB community has stopped playing. I built my key for the clan last night so I'll try and do what I can for the dojo soon.

#3 Posted by Jackel2072 (2266 posts) -

Cool. Yeah I saw someone stared building something the other night. I'm going to guess that would be you?

#4 Posted by mrcraggle (1954 posts) -

Yea, that'd be me. I just put in some corridors to further expand rather than build core pieces that actually do useful stuff just yet. Boring but required. I don't think we've really got people in the GB community that are into playing this game any more as no one seems to be posting here and this update is super important to the clan stuff.

#5 Posted by Jackel2072 (2266 posts) -

Yeah. I'd love a TNT with this game or another quick look. The updates have really come along way.

#6 Edited by JaredA (826 posts) -

I am already on your friends list I think, but if you could add me to the clan that would be fantabulous!

Edit: My username is JaredLeon

#7 Edited by Jackel2072 (2266 posts) -

Got some people sending me friends requests which is awesome. But if you are still a member of the old GB clan or any clan for that matter I can not invite you into our new clan so please keep that in mind thanks!

#8 Posted by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

Well, put a lot of time into the game playing solo/PUG, I should try being part of a clan - and I'd love to see some of the research stuff.

I'll send you a friend request, it's "Mnemoidian" in game (as well).

#9 Posted by Rapid (1380 posts) -

If anyone is still playing Warframe, I'm "Rapidx" in game

#10 Posted by Ravenlight (8040 posts) -

Might as well give Warframe another shot and check out the new stuff they added.

Ravenlight ingame.

#11 Edited by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

3 days later, no reply/invite - guess it's pretty dead? Guess I'll go find another clan.

#12 Posted by mrcraggle (1954 posts) -
#13 Edited by Jackel2072 (2266 posts) -

Sorry folks my bad. Been working a lot lately. Anyone want to help me out with the adding of new members?

#14 Edited by Jackel2072 (2266 posts) -

@mrcraggle: congratulations! you have been promoted!

#15 Edited by mrcraggle (1954 posts) -

@jackel2072: Cheers. I've not been playing much either as I've been doing other shit and being too tired to really play games but I'm planning to get back into it over this weekend.

#16 Edited by roninenix (120 posts) -

Can you send an invite my way? IGN is roninenix. Also, why did all my pet mods disappear?

#17 Edited by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

@roninenix: re: pet (sentinel?) mods, no idea - you didn't swap sentinel, and they're just on another sentinel?

#18 Edited by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

@jackel2072: Sure, I can help out with that.

By the way, DE are looking into rebalancing dojo construction costs for small clans - their current idea seems to revolve around having (upgradeable) max-sizes for clans (in regards to number of members), and rebalancing material costs for small clans (I believe they were talking about "max 30" being the smallest clan-size)... what I'm trying to say is that it's probably not worth it for us to dumb all our materials into building a corridor at this point, unless we suddenly take on a lot of (active) members.

#19 Edited by mrcraggle (1954 posts) -

@roninenix: I successfully added you to the clan :)

For others, for some reason I can't add you. I keep getting a ** just pop up.

@mnemoidian We can always just cancel if we need to. You get any materials back from what I've read.

#20 Posted by roninenix (120 posts) -

@mnemoidian: Yeah, My sentinel. Last time i played i remember he had about 5 mods installed. Now it's all gone and I have a lot of fusion pieces. I'm guessing the mods for sentinels were redone

#21 Edited by roninenix (120 posts) -

@mnemoidian: Yeah, My sentinel. Last time i played i remember he had about 5 mods installed. Now it's all gone and I have a lot of fusion pieces. I'm guessing the mods for sentinels were redone

#22 Edited by ajamafalous (12031 posts) -

Go ahead and throw me an invite; I haven't played in about a month, but I'm probably going to jump back in soon now that they added some new content.

ajamafalous in game.

#23 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1856 posts) -

I am Artemesia in game. Looking forward to getting some stuff done!

#24 Posted by RetroVirus (1479 posts) -

Send me an invite at RetroVirus. Just started playing yesterday, but I'm liking it so far!

#25 Posted by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -
#26 Edited by mrcraggle (1954 posts) -

So far everyone who has posted here has an invite but 5 people are still pending until they accept.

Btw, if you want an invite to the clan, pm me if you don't get one from posting in this thread as I don't check it everyday.

#27 Posted by omergd1 (115 posts) -

add me


#28 Posted by Rapid (1380 posts) -

It's going to take a while before we get any rooms built in our dojo it seems.

#29 Edited by ThunderSlash (1823 posts) -


Yes, I know. It's a ridiculously awesome username. I wasn't expecting to play this game as seriously as I currently am.

#30 Edited by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

@rapid: I mentioned this earlier, but for what it's worth, Digital Extremes are looking into rebalancing dojo-crafting costs to be dependent on clan-size. Personally, I'm waiting for that to happen before I pledge any resources - no point in wasting all of our resources on a hallway.

Unless we find a couple of hundred active people, of course ;)

If you are interested in the details, here's what the devs have to say:

#31 Posted by mrcraggle (1954 posts) -

I may take the resources back to be honest. There are obviously going to be large clans than others so it definitely seems in the interest of balancing the game that they change the costs for smaller clans as larger clans will just have a castle while smaller clans will just have a shed at the current costs especially when the new items they added with 8 are rare.

#32 Posted by roninenix (120 posts) -

What's the best main weapon and melee weapon that has been released since the last big update? I'm still currently using a maxed out HEK(+90%dmg / +90%FIREdmg / +75%LIGHTNING&ICEdmg / +90%CRITCHANCE / +60%MULTISHOT) and Gram.

#33 Posted by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

@mrcraggle: Not really getting that from them (see the this post):

CONSTRUCTION COSTS: Sorry about how this turned out, slapping "Alpha" on it was not enough. Soon the size of your clan will affect the crafting costs (duh). To grow a Shadow Clan to a River Clan (and beyond) will require building a new structure to increase the capacity. Connector pieces will be adjusted in cost. Large clans will not feel a ton of difference. It will make all the difference for small ones. This will not be a linear curve, larger group of more active players will be able to build faster but it won't be such a ridiculous gap.

Sounds pretty clear that they are looking to make clan-building a lot easier for small clans.

@roninenix: I don't know, that's pretty dependent on your tastes in weapons - but I don't think anything quite can match the Hek (though I've read some comments about the clan-researched weapons...). Anyway, some comments on (primary) weapons, other than the Hek:

The Paris and Dread are powerful and fun to play with - but the long charge-up time means you take a lot of time per kill... so you won't be as effective in multiplayer games. Which kind of makes you a liability on defense missions. Latron/Latron Prime have similar gameplay, but much faster firerate/less damage per bullet.

The Gorgon is almost as good as Hek. Behaves kind of like a traditional Minigun from other games (long wind-up, high firerate).

Grakata is supposedly one of the highest DPS rifles in the game - but... supposedly requires a lot of effort put into it before it matures. (Personal experience, at Rank 19, it's still not very impressive)

Or you could always apply some Forma to that Hek and make it even better. But I don't think you get any Mastery leveling the weapon again.

As for melee weapons... I like the Glaive (Kestrel is supposedly similar). More traditional weapons... typically heavy weapons that hit several targets are the stronger at the moment, like Scindo, Fragor, Hate, Gram.

I'm personally currently leveling Orthos, and that feels pretty great - hits like a truck, even though I've not potatoed it yet.

(As a sidenote, Despair and Kunai are currently among the most powerful sidearms.)

(Disclaimer: above is largely based on personal experience, not idea if any of them has been patched recently)

Hope that helps :)

#34 Posted by ThunderSlash (1823 posts) -

I've been trying to grab enough Polymer Bundles to make the clan key. Which mission should I grind over and over for that?

#35 Edited by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

@thunderslash: The Warframe Wiki is a great place to find that out, but it's basically any mission on Mercury, Venus or Uranus that has a chance to drop it. Droprates should be about the same, so doesn't really matter. But people seem to be suggesting that (Endless) Defense missions are the easiest way to farm materials - as it's a small-ish room that you are stuck in, with a lot of containers and lockers all around.

Generally just playing the game, and using a leveled up Master Thief Thief's wit mod (makes resources visible on the map, leveling increases it's range) will be an easy way to find a lot of materials.

#36 Edited by gike987 (1758 posts) -

I just downloaded this game from Steam, It's pretty confusing at first (not the missions but all the unexplained systems). If people are still playing and if it's worth joining if you live in Europe feel free to invite me. In-game name: Voltcation.

#37 Posted by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

@gike987: Invited. Should be under the clan tab in Contacts.

I'm still playing regularly, but I rarely see anyone around.

In other news, yesterday's livestream (bi-weekly) confirmed that the cost for building dojos for small clans is going to be patched in in the coming weeks (they used the words "soon" and "weeks"). So, hopefully soon?

#38 Posted by SoulTaker (132 posts) -

Can I get an invite? I'm souljem in game.

#39 Posted by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

@soultaker: You are already in a clan, according to the UI.

(If you have been invited to another clan, you have to decline that first, even if you haven't accepted)

#40 Edited by gike987 (1758 posts) -

So this game is surprisingly fun, I have been playing way to much. I contributed some to the dojo, I know the patch is coming but it probably won't hurt to contribute. Also, I just bought the Master founder pack, so I guess I will be playing this game for a while.

#41 Posted by Rapid (1380 posts) -

@mnemoidian: @gike987: Any ideas when a dojo balance patch is coming? I've also contributed to guild dojo but it seems like a lot just for another room. Not much to do in the dojo right now. Would be cool to have a GB meetup eventually when the dojo is most flushed out. Meet up and organize people to farm specific resources etc.

As an aside: Enjoy the game so far, it get some way repetitive since there are only so many different environments and mission types. Hoping they eventually might add some more narrative and lore to the game. I've already maxed out my first (Mag) Warframe. Using a (Level 29) Bolton (Level 25) Alkato and (Level 23) Plasma Sword not sure what weapons to craft next. I got the blueprints for Kunai and Gorgon.Right now farming for Banshee Helmet (remaining to craft my first new Warframe) and the materials for crafting the Kunai.

Really wish they would created an open pub area (take a cue from PSO2) and have every be able to join an open area. The star map and drop in squad stuff seems very bare bones. Got my sentinel which is pretty much like a MAG (wish they let us feed sentinels =P)

#42 Edited by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

@rapid: No idea, they said a couple of weeks on the livestream (every 2nd wednesday on - and there was a livestream last week, so another week 'till next), but... yeah, I don't feel like it's worth putting any effort into it right now - especially considering the Forma cost (which is fairly hard to get hold of in quantity without platinum - unless you are farming The Void) is pretty ludicrous.

Also, keep in mind that what we are building in the Dojo right now is corridors (basically connectors to be able to add rooms). With that in mind, it'll be some time before we actually get around to making the Laboratories (new weapons!) and other things we'll need (power plant, I think?).

If Mag was your first warframe, then you are probably going to be in for a treat when you get to the other frames, as Mag is currently considered the runt of the litter with most powers either being outpowered by some of the others or just not that good.

As for me, I just hit Mastery 7. Working on Vauban, Boltor, Abolto and Kestrel. Forma-ing up my Dethcube... and trying to farm for Despair... and eventually I'll get around to finishing Frost, Mag and Excalibur - which will mean I'll have all of the current warframes (already have both of the primes) - and yeah, I'm pretty fond of the game.

Would be up for a clan-night, but I think we're pretty spread out over the regions - I'm European, for instance.

And yeah, I think the devs agree with you - there is still a lot for them to do with the game - and I feel like they've been keeping a pretty good pace so far. Pretty common with bi-weekly minor content updates (new weapons, usually - this weekend was some new artifacts and newly introduced tilesets + defense missions). I think they are hoping that the Dojos will be the social areas you are looking for. Just this clan not being super-active (yet?) doesn't really facilitate that...

#43 Posted by ch3burashka (5112 posts) -

I'm in enough Klans as it is, thank you.

#44 Posted by cloudnineboya (831 posts) -

is this any good contemplated on getting this a couple of times.

#45 Edited by Rapid (1380 posts) -

@mnemoidian: Just watched their latest life stream, excited for update 9

I wonder if Kojima was looking at Warframe and was thinking its a rip off of Revengence lol

Glad to hear they are starting to add lore and also re-balancing Mag. I enjoy her skills but her high energy requirement and weak attack definitely was a drawback.

#46 Posted by gike987 (1758 posts) -

@mnemoidian: That defense event was hard with random groups. All those ancients on the last couple of waves... I didn't manage to beat it even once, got to the last wave a couple of times though.

#47 Edited by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

@gike987: Ouch, sorry to hear that - I managed to pull each one off, but... I've got things stacked pretty heavily in my favor with double-forma'd Hek (it's just so good!), and most warframes at max rank.

Some warframes are a lot better at defense missions - Nyx has amazing crowd control (Chaos), Frost (and Frost Prime) have great defense (Snowglobe), Vauban has great crowd control (Bastille, Vortex) and damage (Tesla), Saryn has good decoys (Molt) and damage (...memory failing, it's her 4th/Ult), and Ember deals a huge deal of damage (World on Fire, Fireblast) and is very tanky (Overheat)... etc.

Loki, Ash, Rhino, Mag, etc are not quite as efficient on that high level of play - enemies level up quite a lot at higher wave levels. I've seen some people talk about reaching level 100+ on endless wave missions, enemies being level ...700+? Sounds pretty crazy, but Nyx is probably the only viable Warframe at that point (Chaos, Mind Control - only way to deal enough damage)

But yeah, next event, we should set up some clan groups for that stuff. Feel free to poke me if I'm online.

Could do some Void missions either way - other than endless defense missions, these are the most difficult missions there are.

@rapid: Yeah, I'm glad they are fixing Mag - and that they are listening as much to the community as they are. Bonus for me, as I've not been able to get my final piece of Mag just yet - so hopefully they'll get her fixed before I get around to her (though... there are hints of Mag Prime being in the works as well...)

And update 9 should be good - though I'm not entirely sure what's in it yet (other than clan size balancing, I guess).

@soultaker: Checked again last night, still in a clan! :)

@cloudnineboya: Well, as it's free-to-play, just give it a shot?

#48 Edited by WaffleConed (59 posts) -

I just downloaded Warframe. I'd like to be part of the clan if you'll have me

My username is: SquareBoat

#49 Posted by mrcraggle (1954 posts) -

@gike987: I actually managed to get in with some good random people. I'm only level 3 but still pulled my own often coming out ahead of some level 4 and even 5s but didn't get to play as much as I would have liked due to comp issues. Completed it twice and came so close another 2 times and that's all I played. I do struggle on the higher levels though. I really don't have very good equipment at all and I'm still rocking the OG Warframe who, at this point, needs a serious upgrade.

@waffleconed: Added you to the clan.

Users still pending are: ToasterBoss, RetroVirus, OneFreeman, Neomatrixj12 and Fraggle 91.

#50 Posted by Mnemoidian (955 posts) -

Been pretty quiet the last week. Had a Tenno Reinforcement Update (minor content patch) friday containing a new melee weapon - Kogake (hand/feet covers for kicks/punches).

Other than that... today's the biweekly Warframe livestream: They are likely to talk about Update 9, future of clan scaling, etc. And they usually give out a few lumps (3) of platinum.

Starts 30 min from now.

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