Newest update/Tethra's Doom event

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Hey just FYI if you play Warframe and didn't know already, an update went out on PS4 and I just noticed nobody on this forum has mentioned it. The event going on lasts until Monday (or so it seems from the timer) and has some cool rewards so check it out. I'd say to use this as an excuse to try the game out, but the event is hard enough that you need some high level stuff to even stand a chance.

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The hard mode version takes a bit of coordination, but it's the only way to get the 1000 points that will net you the highest reward tier when the event finishes. I'm more than happy to help anyone going for it, just send me a PSN message and I'll bluntly tell you if I'm good to go or not.

I can use Trinity to constantly keep the relay core moving, or have Frost create a path of Snow Globes to prevent stray bullets from hitting the core and mucking up your high score attempts.

Of course, the 1000 point tier is just a decorative badge that serves no purpose. But it's a very shiny decorative badge. The following reward tier of 500 is much easier to get if you want a fancy gun and don't want to stress over nailing down a hard mode strategy.

If you have no idea what I'm babbling about then it's about time you hopped back in for a little bit.

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Good luck PS4 Duders,

Some tips for you from the PC clan

  1. Inorder to keep moving the core along you need have shields up. Trinity is excellent for that. The more people by the core, the faster the core moves
  2. Nyx / Loki create diversions with Chaos / Decoy to prevent the enemies from shooting at the core
  3. Vauban is useful with Bastille to cease enemy fire, just note that there is a limit to the number of enemies it immobilizes.
  4. As @opus pointed out, An overextended and high efficiency frost and snowglobe is very helpful to protect the core from hits

Having a combination of these frames and abilities you'll easily score close to or more than 2000 points on the higher difficulty

@uberexplodey posted his frost build he used

See PC Clan Results and Rewards

The event can be done in no time, the key is to have a good squad with you. The event can be more difficult to solo.

Not sure how active VinCo PS4 Clan but try teaming up with those duders.

The Giant Bomb Heavy INC PC clan came in 76th in the clan barely beating Neo Gaf by a hair!

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