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Yesterday I attended Eurogamer Expo which is sort of a mixture between PAX and E3 in London where the public can play a bunch of games that are coming out soon or at some point next year. While it was crazy busy (only got to play 7 games in my 7 hours of attendance), a bulk of that time I just spent chatting with Rebecca at the Warframe booth set up within Sony's PS4 section. If people are unaware of who she is, she is the community manager at Digital Extremes and hosts the live streams. She is also recognizable as the voice of the Lotus in the game. She actually told me she was meant to be doing a bunch of VO this week to replace the current stuff but she couldn't as she was here in London.

I'm going to have to start with the bad news, I asked about some clan related stuff and she told me that if enough of us contacted support, they could make someone else within the clan a Warlord as I told her our situation to which further bad news is that clan updates only work one way so you cannot go from a larger group, to a smaller group so our best bet right now is to actually get more players within the clan and once.

As for the PS4 version of the game, it looks fucking great. The demo they had on show was only a single stage, wave based mission up until wave 5 so it's hard to say at the moment how performance can be effected by lots of enemies on screen plus particle effects, etc. As a M+ K player, I found the controls a little difficult to get used to but the PS4 controller also felt a little stiff as I found running (by clicking the left stick) a little difficult to pull off but swiping on to touch pad felt natural and responsive (unlike the back touch on the Vita).

Right now, it's still unknown whether or not PC and PS4 players will be able to play together and updates will still need to go through a cert process with Sony. Rebecca said she's unsure how long it could take but it's unlikely that it'll have the sometimes daily hotfixes the PC version has but main updates will be day-and-date.

Finally, I asked a few lighter questions such as holidays and scarves. She told me that they're going to continue with the holiday event stuff which Steve is actually very against but the rest of the team love it. As for scarves, I asked if there will be any other way to obtain them without platinum. She told me that they're still in the planning stages for that but one could be a scarf event but didn't go into detail on what that could be.

I hope I got some good questions answered as I didn't know if anyone was going to be there until I actually saw Rebecca in the booth so these were all off the top of my head. I feel like I asked a bunch more stuff but I'm having trouble remembering everything so post below and I'll see if it's one I asked :P

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Awesome, interested in what the holiday event is, just because Steve is oppose to it lol

As for the clan stuff, I am not sure what the best course of action is, is it worth it to pursuit support with us not. I like that to be decided as a clan.

PS4 version sounds like it will be decent, if they actually achieve the goal of major updates, day-and-date I think that's fine. The hotfixes are usually small patches that wouldn't deter from the game experience. Plus, I see it as an good opportunity for DE to test balance changes and fixes on PC first, get feedback from the community (because you know they will give it) before pushing to the PS4. They currently seem to do big updates frequently enough that I do not think there will be a big disparity between the two version in the future.

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Well the holiday stuff will be similar to what they've done before. A lot of people saw the Easter event where the Grineer wore bunnie ears and the containers were eggs. During the closed beta they had Christmas and Halloween events that were like that. It sort of reminds me of PSO where the lobbies would have things floating in the sky.

With regards to clan stuff, Jackel would stay as Warlord but we could get someone else promoted to be a second Warlord but it's really not crucial right now I guess seeing how we can't actually go down to the lower clan tier to reduce costs. It does suck though as we are a 50+ member clan with only an active user base of less than half of that. I mentioned the reason we wanted to go smaller was because we wanted to make a drum room and she seemed pretty stoked by that idea.

The PS4 version should be fine, I just hope that PC and PS4 players play together seeing how it's a co-op game and maybe remove the PvP stuff if need be. My only other concern is performance. It's really hard to gauge how powerful it really is as there wasn't a whole lot going on in the demo plus it won't have Physx as that's exclusive to Nvidia. I asked about what state the game would ship on the PS4 and she told me that it would be 11 for sure but maybe even 12 depending on how things go plus cert. I also asked when do they consider it a non-beta and she said she doesn't know when they'd drop the beta tag but it will continue to receive big updates for the foreseeable future as we discussed games such as APB and Blacklight: Retribution as APB during its beta received huge updates once a month but once it became a shipping product, it failed in the market and died after 6 weeks I believe.

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Had a chat with Rebecca? Cool. :)

Right now, it's still unknown whether or not PC and PS4 players will be able to play together and updates will still need to go through a cert process with Sony. Rebecca said she's unsure how long it could take but it's unlikely that it'll have the sometimes daily hotfixes the PC version has but main updates will be day-and-date.

(Emphasis mine) I feel like this is probably the thing, if anything, that will kill the cross-platform support. They can't really have both platforms playing the same field if one is a week or more behind. Shame - but as long as there's a cert process, they won't have the same freedom as they do on the PC, and either will have to slow down patches for PC (make weekly) or forget about keeping the platforms compatible.

As for the warlord stuff - are you having trouble getting Jackel's attention? He asked me if I wanted to be Warlord before, but I turned it down, partially because I don't feel like I can be as active as I'd want to be - and because I don't have the time nor energy that I would want to devote to holding such a position (that's to say that I have high standards for myself, don't take that as me expecting whoever holds the role to be super-active. If you want, I can try contacting him again, see about getting that stuff sorted out, once and for all - it's just silly to regularly run into this issue, and feels very extreme to need to go through support(!?)

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@mnemoidian: Well she said we'd need to contact support if we couldn't get hold of our Warlord but if you can that's cool, at this point though we clearly need someone with a more active role. Jackel started this clan because the last clan leader stopped being active and he's done the exact same thing. Last I checked he hadn't been on in ages as the daily message is far from daily. It should be something useful that everyone can see like "Contribute to the drum room" or something like that so people are at least aware. Maybe we could have a separate thread with a poll and people can vote for who they'd feel best be Warlord.

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@mrcraggle: We'll see - Jackel's always responded to my PMs (on the forum) in the past, so I expect him to do so this time as well. I've sent him a PM asking to deal with this, give it a couple of days :)

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@mrcraggle @rapid Problem solved, Rapid has been promoted to Warlord (turns out you can have multiple warlords?), and can do further/future promotions. :)

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Good stuff.

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@mnemoidian said:

@mrcraggle @rapid Problem solved, Rapid has been promoted to Warlord (turns out you can have multiple warlords?), and can do further/future promotions. :)

Wait.... what.... Uhhhhgggg....fine. So now that I am Warlord I do declare GLHB!

@mnemoidian please fill me in on what dojo modifications need to be address

@mrcraggle The drums are being, built but we should probably figure out how to make decent music =P

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@mnemoidian: That's basically what Rebecca told me just that if we couldn't contact our Warlord, we'd have to deal with support but seeing how it's now been dealt with, fucking great. The drums are less than 2 hours away from being completed and I'm looking forward to a bunch of us just banging on them to attempt to make a tune. At least with @rapid being Warlord, he can change the daily message to keep people informed to what we're doing as a clan which he's already made use of.

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Mmmmm.... Rebecca...

Also, boss shit, man. I didn't even know about this warlord situation, but not that it's solved, I look forward to doing way more fun shit.

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@jakob187: It's not so much a situation just that Jackel started this clan because the other one just died even though it had quite a number of members but then he hasn't even been online now for nearly 2 months. Rapid has already done more in the past 2 days to make people more aware that we need to pull resources into the dojo rather than people ignoring it so we can get better gear and such.

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