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Is there enough interest in starting a seprate Giant Bomb clan just for the PS4 version of Warframe? It can take quite a few hours of grinding to get a feel for the progression of that game. The PC guys have been helpful in figuring the game out but most of them play only the PC version. I have had a hard time finding a lot of people to play with on the ps4 and a GB Clan might help

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Hey, yeah I would mind being involved with that. Been enjoying it so far but could do with a bit of organisation rather than just starting each game with randoms with euro dance playing in the back ground.

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Yeah let's do it

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We're a week late to the party but let's gooooooo!

There's no shortage of names for the clan, this will probably be the hardest part.

VinnCo.? A clan that invades enemy ships for the precious arcade cabinets of centuries past?

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VinnCo Clan sounds great to me!

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Yeah this sounds great, I'm in.

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Perfect; lets this going so. Do we need to set up specific roles or anything? Is everyone U.S based or are there some Europe based duders?

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I'll join, anyone else having a hard time with the sensitivity in this game on ps4? I can't find a sweet spot for the sword. Obviously with the mouse it's easier but it just seems really off on ps4.

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I think whoever gets to their PS4 first should just set up the clan. Come back here, confirm the official name and their psn ID. Everyone else can send them invites I hope? Or maybe the clan leader has to send invites?

I dunno much about roles? Never been in a Warframe clan @refactored. I think to get started best to just get everybody to join up and start slicing and dicing together

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As a PC player, I can't help you directly, but I can offer information and advice.

First, you'll probably find the Warframe wikia on Clans helpful.

Of particular interest is that as a new clan, you'll be a "Ghost clan", which means that you are able to have 10 members in the clan at any one time. To expand this, you need to expand your dojo to the point where it includes a "Shadow Barracks" (which'll allow you up to 30 members at a time). Important to understand is that the cost for building dojo rooms increase with clan size - so building the dojo will be very cheap as a Ghost Clan - and significantly more expensive as a Shadow Clan - so don't expand your clan without intending to. The PC clan (currently a Storm Clan with ~60 members, afaik) have solved the problem with overflow, in the past, by rotating out people who have been inactive for the most time.

(You access your clan by buying the dojo key blueprint and then building it in your foundry. Don't worry, the key is not consumed on use).

Good to know: everyone in the clan can contribute resources to the dojo - so it is certainly not a one-man job.

As for clan roles, have a look at the Clan wikia I linked above - scroll down to "Ranks and Roles" - by default, no one will be able to invite one another, as everyone is placed at the initiate rank (except for the person who create the clan, who will be the Warlord). It's a good idea to promote everyone to "Soldier" for the recruiter role. Also, you can have multiple Warlords (top rank) - the PC clan has 2, as an example. But keep the clan size in mind.

Let me know if you have any questions! (or need a clarification), I know it's a confusing system in places.

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Okay I've set up a clan called VinnCo. My PSN ID is Refactored so just add away and message me with invite requests. As I'm based in Ireland I will need to promote someone from the US side of things to manage invites etc.

And thanks for the info Mnemoidian! Much appreciated!

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Awesome thanks Mnemoidian.

I'll send you an invite tonight Refactored!

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Okay think I'll start a new tread just to keep track of everything since the Clan was created. Add invite requests and all that business there. Cheers

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Is this clan still active? If so I'd love an invite. :)

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