PSA: $10 in Platinum for $3.50 plus a bunch of games

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So I guess game bundles are a thing now. Through yon link lies eight games and $10 worth of Platinum for $3.49 or equivalent local currency. The inclusion of Dark Sector sealed the deal for me.

I should also mention that the Founder packages are going away in November and there are only 23 days left to get in on Ye Olde Warframe Swag Pack.

Have at it, Tenno duders.

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Nice, thanks for the heads up. I was thinking of getting Septerra Core and this makes it easy for me.

The games included, in case anyone's wondering: Warframe, GTR Evolution (includes base game), Dark Sector, Cannon Fodder 3, Septerra Core: Legacy of the Creator, Space Pirates and Zombies, 1953 KGB Unleashed, Guardians of Graxia + Map Pack DLC, Guardians of Graxia: Elves & Dwarves DLC.

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