Spy Drone Community Event

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So now that the 4th of July event has finished (fireworks woo!), all Tenno have been tasked with the destruction of the Informer.

  • Kill 20+ Drones & receive a


  • Don’t stop at 20—the top 100 players will receive a


  • First shot in new clip gives +25% bonus damage per fusion level.

  • Part of a clan? The top clans from 4 pre-determined tiers will receive a


    for their dojo -- awarded after Update 9

The spy drones are cloaked but will reveal themselves when you're within their range but need to be killed in one shot. This is likely to be the last chance to get a Snipetron since it was removed from the game as of update 8 (due to lore reasons).

For full details head of to the Warframe site.

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Cambria (on Earth) is a pretty good spot to farm them, seem to spawn quite a lot of them there.

unfortunately, we're at 55% right now, with less than 24 hours to go (afaik) - doesn't look too promising that we'll pull this event off, unless one of the big clans decides to really push for it, or something :/

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I've been going to Trinculo on Uranus which seems to spawn them but you really do need to take your time and kill everyone it seems to get them to spawn. It's not the most fun event as it's best to go solo. I'll give Cambria a go though. I haven't really had much of a chance to really take part in the event as much as I'd have liked (damn you tennis).

Are the views on this thread bugged btw? It seems weird to get over 1,500 views yet only 1 comment.

@mnemoidian damn man, just tried out Cambria and got 23 in one session. Did take like 30 mins though and over 200 enemies.

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Cambria and Private Party seems to do the trick. Pretty much just need to pull enemy aggro and get the alertness up for a bit and the informers will keep spawning.

Got my Kunai blades powerful enough to take out the informers.

Hmm nearing 80% we might pull this off?

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I just logged in and it was at 84% with just over 9 hours to go. If we make it, it's going to be close. I just did an alert mission online with randoms and people weren't even shooting them.

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I hear from the Warframe forums that we are at 91% with something like 4h to go.

95%, 3h58m left

98%, 2h 47m left

At work, so not much I can do. Been a busy weekend - wish I'd had more time to contribute, only got ~150 kills or something.

So, I guess... not impossible, but it does seem like response to this event has been largely negative, because of how the event kind of favors playing solo... and conflicts with our other goals (gathering resources).

I do think the informers are an interesting new enemy - though I don't feel like there is much purpose to killing them, other than restoring the map - which... isn't really a big deal anyway. Would probably have been much more interesting if they dealt damage in some way, or had an improved chance of dropping mods. Or something.

Edit: I guess what makes the informers interesting is how they make you explore to find them. I do like that aspect of them. Makes the game feel a lot more organic.

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I hear from the Warframe forums that we are at 91% with something like 4h to go.

95%, 3h58m left

98%, 2h 47m left

100%, done. Apparently.

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That was extremely close. Only 2 hours remained as we hit 100%. Makes you wonder how far we'd have gotten if the people that did participate only did the 20 kills required to get the Snipetron.

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@mrcraggle: @mnemoidian: I wonder if DE will ever say how many kills the community had to reach to get to 100%.

I had to stop looking at the community forums suddenly threads began talking like "what if we don't get 100% DE will obviously still give us our reward" like spoiled children.

But I do agree that this event could have been designed better for cooperative play, especially because the other part of the reward was for clan members to work together to reach the top number of kills. Even that was sort of unbalanced due to the disproportion of clan sizes.

As an aside, I'm sort of interested in what would have happened if we failed an event in the future,

For example in the FireFall (closed beta) there are basically towers in open world cities players have to defend from a rival faction. If neglected the city could fail into enemy control, thus prevent things like player spawning in the location, access to shops, and other in game consequences. There was events which generated around retaking the city once it fell.

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@rapid: fwiw, they did put clans into tiers:

**Following are the Clan ‘tiers’ and Clan Rewards:

1-10 members: Top 10 Clans

11-100 members: Top 5 clans

101-1000 members: Top 3 clans

1001+ members: Top 3 clans

But point stands, yes. I'm not against having weekend events to introduce a new enemy type (I kind of like the idea, celebrating a new kind of target), but the Grineer Informer, other than promoting exploration keept leading me to that uncomfortable question of "Does it really impact my gameplay in the long run? Won't I just ignore it?"

The counter argument is the Fusion Moa - which was the previous enemy introduced in this way. Which is a powerful enemy which becomes even more powerful (outright deadly!) if not taken down quickly.

... But they can't just keep adding enemies where the only response possible is "KILL IT YESTERDAY". As we discussed last night, though, something like the Goliath from Borderlands would, however, make an interesting addition. Which kind of means that the Informers have a place - except they don't really do anything... and I don't think they have any real rewards...?

No matter, event's over. We got our Snipetron Vandals, largely thanks to a bunch of heroes with thousands of kills.

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Seems that DE is listening, from Community Hot Topics:

4) Events:

Having the Spy Drone event showed us a lot: a great reward like the Snipetron Vandal that our players know about before hand does a lot to keep Drones at bay. However, valid complaints emerged that focused on:

This event felt like it did not encourage co-op play.

This event did not have enough notice.

Tiered rewards should be introduced.

Drones as content could have been more challenging.

All noted and in the brains of the team as we move forward with planning more events. Thanks again to everyone who played!

So, that sounds promising for future stuff.

Also, curiously, I found that I had a Snipetron (not vandal) Blueprint in my foundry at some point after the event, in addition to the Snipetron Vandal. Not sure where it come from, or why. But worth checking your foundries if you took part and were interested in the original rifle as well. :)

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@mnemoidian: I noticed that as well but didn't really care. There was a reason I never had a Snipetron before and wasn't even aware it was removed :P

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