The Gradivus Dilemma (War Event)

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Posted by Rapid (1541 posts) 2 years, 8 months ago

Poll: The Gradivus Dilemma (War Event) (19 votes)

Giant Bomb Heavy Industries Should Side with The Corpus! 37%
Giant Bomb Heavy Industries Should Side with The Grineer! 63%

War has come to Warframe! A new community event involving Clans, and Factions within the game.

Tension has been rising between the Corpus and Grineer factions. The Tenno (player faction) has intercepted these transmissions from Alad V of the Corpus, and Sagus Ruk of the Grineer!

[The Grineer] Vast in numbers from cloning technology the Grineer seek to expand their vile empire from Earth outward and control the whole solar system. They took over Earth by their numbers alone. While high in power the Grineer army is decaying. The constant cloning is increasingly making them more primitive. The Grineer's ideology of enormous hate and discrimination towards the Tenno drives them to the face of inevitable dissolution.

The Corpus are a dominating proto-corporation of humans that maintain and operate the trade routes of the Solar Rails. They control the entire supply chain of goods in the Solar System and see Orokin artifacts as profit and will exploit it at any cost. The Corpus are rarely seen by others and are better known for their robot proxies that serve them. The Corpus have taken the social structure from ancient mercantile guilds from the old Earth. They blend technology and ritual in their production methods.

Update 10.5.0: The Gradivus Dilemma (


Intel shows a growing conflict that will begin on Gradivus in Mars. Expect it to spread. The Grineer are planning an operation against the Corpus lead by Sargas Ruk. Alad V of the Corpus has discovered a cache of Tenno in cryosleep and intends on exploiting them for his secret weapons project. The Grineer are outraged at this contract violation. They are using this as an excuse to invade Corpus space, enslave the local population, and grow their power. The Lotus is your guide but not your conscience. You will have to choose which side to support:

Choose Loyalty, and side with the Grineer to destroy Corpus forces and free your kin. Choose Sacrifice, siding with Corpus to halt the Grineer conquest and enslavement of colonies.

Both sides have reached out to the Lotus with reward offers for each contested location as well as rewards for the conflict as a whole.


Both sides will offer payment for supporting them in a particular contested location in Mars. Selecting a conflict location will present a choice of sides and their respective battle pay. Your battle pay is only given after the location conflict is resolved regardless of which side ultimately wins the location. You will need to commit to a side to earn this Battle Pay by completing 5 missions to prove your support. If you switch sides, you will erode your rating with the opposition and risk getting neither reward. Keep in mind that end-of-mission rewards are unaffected, Battle Pay will be sent to your inbox only when the location conflict ends.


When both sides have exhausted themselves in this conflict you will be rewarded based on two factors: your participation and if you supported the winning side.

TIER ONE REWARDS - Complete 5 missions, regardless of victor.

  • IF you supported Corpus (more missions on their side than against) an elegant Corpus-branded event badge to show off your support for the enigmatic Corpus.
  • IF you supported Grineer (more missions on their side than against) a proud Grineer-branded event badge to show off your support of the mighty Grineer.

TIER TWO REWARDS - Complete 25 missions of any side, with the reward determined by the victor.

  • IF the Corpus win: A deadly Vandal edition of the PROVA. Stun your friends in style. This weapon is super-charged and comes with a weapon slot!
  • IF the GRINEER win: A Wraith edition MACHETTE starving for blood. This weapon is super-charged and comes with a weapon slot!

TIER THREE - Complete 100 missions, with the reward determined by two factors: the victorious side AND if you supported them (you did more missions for them, than against them).

  • IF the Corpus win:
    • And you supported them: The ferocious DETRON hand-cannon. The Detron will be super-charged along with a new weapon slot!
    • You did not support them: A DETRON blueprint, reverse-engineered by the Lotus.
  • IF the Grineer win:
  • And you supported them: The semi-automatic BRAKK hand-cannon. It comes super-charged and with a weapon slot included!
  • You did not support them: A BRAKK blueprint stolen from a Grineer datacenter.

CLANS LEADERBOARD / TROPHIES - Leaderboard position is based on the sum total of which faction your Clan is supporting.

  • The top three clans in each tier will receive a Faction-specific trophy in Gold, Silver and Bronze form based on their position on the leaderboards for which faction they support.
  • Your clan's score requires a commitment: each member's faction rating will erode the clan's opposing faction's rating. If one member does 100 Corpus missions and another does 100 Grineer missions, they will cancel each other out and your standing will be zero with both. Coordinate.

The first system up for contention is Mars!

So help Giant Bomb Heavy industries decide which faction to support.

Join Us

Look at @mrcraggle's Warframe updates thread to talk about the games latest changes.

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Watch Highlights of the clan in past and this event are highlighted here :

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#1 Posted by JOURN3Y (243 posts) -

We should support our Tenno bros, even if its helping out the Grineer. Just sayin'

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#2 Posted by Ravenlight (8057 posts) -

Stopping the Grineer from enslaving the solar system is of more importance than a handful of our Tenno brothers and sisters!

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#3 Posted by Rapid (1541 posts) -
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@ravenlight@journ3y@randanger and I run through the event first siding with the Corpus, then the Grineer

Calling all members of Giant Bomb Heavy Industries!

I will declare the clan's official alignment after a good number of the clan / GB Community has voted!

GB IDWarframe ID
??? (@pause422friend)evisoroc
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#4 Posted by Mnemoidian (1014 posts) -

Tenno before Colonies! Grineer.

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#5 Posted by Humanity (14586 posts) -

You can always trust a cold and calculating machine.

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#6 Posted by ArtelinaRose (1992 posts) -

Gonna have to say the Grineer... it doesn't sit well in my stomach just letting Tenno be turned into science experiments. So what if the Grineer get more powerful? We murder bajillions of them a day anyway.

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#7 Posted by Tauzen (6 posts) -

I assume we can just tip the scales back later. We should prioritize saving the Tenno so I say side with the Grineer.

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#8 Posted by GristleMcThornbody (209 posts) -

A machete sounds more appealing than a stun gun, I vote Grineer.

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#9 Posted by Mnemoidian (1014 posts) -

Must say that I am a fan of the attention to detail in the voice acting - as someone (elsewhere?) pointed out, Sargas Ruk is not very good at speaking "Tenno" (English) - so he comes off like someone speaking a language he's not familiar with, while Alad V speaks much more fluently.

(This is, of course, the new voice acting, not the old one where Grineer spoke 'Tenno' by default.)

Finding this event to be surprisingly fun so far.

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#10 Edited by Rapid (1541 posts) -

@mnemoidian: Picturing Sargas Ruk taking English Second Language in Grineer school =P

Love how he says Milk instead of "ilk"

He speaks like V-Bomb however, he's surprisingly poetic,

Aattenthuon Tenno: Is it too late to change sides? Too late to reject the Corpus lies? Too late to save your kind?

- Sargas Ruk


Also, Alad V revealed his hand, if you switch sides to the Grineer after supporting the corpus he talks about his Zanuka project. Speculating this has to do with the captured Tenno.

So, betrayers are fighting for the [grineer] now? Why am I not surprised. The sooner my Zanuka project is completed the better. The system must be ridden of your hypocrisy.

- Alad V

2563503-warframe.x64 2013-10-24 13-26-19-848.png

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#12 Posted by Rapid (1541 posts) -

Apparently we are ranked 78th for the Grineer effort!

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#13 Posted by mrcraggle (2621 posts) -

Did the event actually start on Wednesday? I'm so out of the loop lately.

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#14 Edited by jakob187 (22785 posts) -

I want to take the Corpus side because the Detron looks way fucking cooler than the Brakk.

Plus, it seems like choosing Corpus will lead to a vastly more interesting story arc.

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#15 Posted by TEKUMS (23 posts) -

So when does the event end? I can't find the date anywhere... unless I'm not looking well enough

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#16 Posted by Rapid (1541 posts) -


Starting -- Wednesday, October 23

Ending -- Wednesday, October 30 at 12 PM EDT

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#17 Edited by Tauzen (6 posts) -

Cash here, grab it all!

I think somewhere close to 15% of all the dosh I've made in my time of playing Warframe has been from this event alone. I hope the invasions after the event will frequently have these kinds of payouts.


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#18 Edited by Mnemoidian (1014 posts) -

Pretty good event, not sure where we ended up, but for the most part, it was quite enjoyable.

I do feel that DE can do a better job with variation - effectively having 2 layouts for the all invasion maps (ship to ship (tunnel from grineer ship to corpus ship), or ship to ground (shielded cave in the middle), I guess? I never did any Corpus missions, but I suspect they are the same 2 maps in reverse), and only having a single gamemode for the full duration of the event really pushed a mostly enjoyable event to the breaking point when you got up to 100+ missions done.

Surprised at how strong Ignis has become.... and then reminded how utterly broken, powerful a 3x Forma, Supercharged Acrid is, regardless of level of enemies. It's only weakness? It needs to be reloaded regularly... and it looks like a supersoaker,. which may or may not be considered a weakness.

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