Update 14.5 and EVENT (ends September 3rd)

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@rapid: That looks great, like all Primes, but the swirly galaxy head is going to be especially awesome.

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@rapid: Oh good, everyone's favorite weapon, the Burston :)

Jokes aside, that looks great - and keep in mind that you can use the normal helmets on the primes, in case you really can't get over it :)

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Update 10 Teaser

Loading Video...

  • Revamped Survival Mode making its debut
  • Necro
  • New Tilset
  • New "Carrier (Courier) Vacuum Ability
  • Sentinels can now change weapons, ie. equip Deth Cube's weapon on Shade =)
  • New Three Phased Golem Boss
  • UI Changes
  • Trigger Types

ETA: Teased Friday

If any duder's are playing come and join Giant Bomb Heavy INC clan http://www.giantbomb.com/forums/warframe-9004/heavy-industries-official-gb-clan-1446220/?page=3

We are probably going to farm the new boss for Necro Blueprints (and perhaps Mag Prime) this weekend (when update hits) so come join us!

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@rapid: So much awesome stuff. I can't wait. Necro looks like he could be potentially very awesome for defense. I just wonder how long that power could last for. I'm sure it'll get nerfed :P

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Scarves! ... can't color scarves? Aww.

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So, the Stamina nerf is fucking garbage.

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They just put out a hotfix concerning this stamina system:

Stamina System tweaks:

- Reduced delay on stamina recharge.

- Increased stamina recharge rate.

- Decreased cost of stamina required for sprinting.

- Dodging now uses stamina and has reduced damage while dodging

- Dodges are executed slightly faster.

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So the new HUD UI is gonna take some time to get used to.

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Is the stamina nerf that bad? I haven't gotten to play yet. Can you still slide to recover stamina?

Nonetheless, everything seems pretty alright. The new mods don't exactly seem to be worth a damn for the most part. The Golem fight seems to be taking people less time than the previous Golem fight because...ya know...Tenno are broken muthafuckers. Nekros seems pretty cool so far, though, and Soma seems like one of the best new weapon additions in a long while.

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@jakob187: before the hotfix MrMuscle mentioned, it was pretty rough (but workable, I felt) - it's almost back to the way it was before, after the hotfix.

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@mnemoidian: when you're up for it, we should go on a Mag Prime hunt, also we help you to get you Nekros it seems that a bunch of us managed to get the parts without any.trouble.

As for Mag people have been reporting that her parts can be obtained all from T2 Survival Missions. Although seems that Mag Prime Systems is the most rare component.

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@rapid: Cool. Probably won't be 'till the weekend - have a lot of stuff going on lately, plus not being on vacation means not staying up crazy hours during the week ;)

I believe all raid keys became survival keys? In which case I've got a ton of survival keys (20 or so?). I should probably look gearing a 'frame that is a bit more survival-friendly than ol' 'Cal.

Heard something about DE shuffling around some other prime stuff among the Void missions as well, so that could make exterminate interesting for me again, as well.

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@mnemoidian: Maybe I will finally get that Frost Prime blueprint, I have all the parts already I literally just need the actual blueprint for the damn thing.

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Patch Update Some Interesting Changes!

Update 10.3.0: Hump Day!


The Orokin Vaults have emerged in the Derelict Tile Sets! http://www.giantbomb.com/warframe/3030-38788/forums/orokin-vaults-1455377/#3

  • Ongoing User Interface upgrades and styling improvements.

Survival Mission Improvements:

Items awarded at 5 minute intervals are now shown in the HUD below the Lotus transmissions.

  • Reward items now stack as you play - all rewards are given at the end of the mission.
  • As you play and survive, you will receive items at these times:
    • 5m: Item from the first reward tier
    • 10m: Item from the first reward tier again
    • 15m: Guaranteed Void key (this is considered the second reward tier).
    • 20m, 25m, 30m+: Item from the third reward tier
    • Void mission Prime rewards are awarded at 15 minutes only.
  • Mission rewards are now split into three distinct tiers of enemy level, instead of being based on faction.
  • Expect better rewards based on the enemy tier you are fighting:
    • Tier 1: Level 1-25
    • Tier 2: Level 25-45
    • Tier 3: Level 45+
    • Void mission rewards are tied to the tier of the key.
  • Extraction no longer triggers if only one player enters the extraction area.
    • If the life support bar is still depleting, *all* players must be at extraction to complete the mission.
    • The regular 60 second extraction timer starts if half the team is at extraction *after* the life support bar reaches zero.
  • All doors in the level are now locked until you trigger the alarms.
  • Added an effect to show the exact position of the next incoming support capsule.


  • Improved management and feedback when equipping mods between weapons and sentinels.
  • Bosses now have their blueprint drops as end-mission rewards (like Lephantis) instead of physical orbs in the level.
  • Further improvements on the experimental multi-threaded rendering option. If you had this enabled, take note you will need to re-enable this in the settings area.
  • Hid conclave scores from lobby UI; only reveal them in squad panel when someone votes on a Conclave node, and also provide name of player who doesn't meet Conclave rating requirement.
  • Made Dojo prop decoration destruction give all your resources back.
  • Hooked up sound to the Revive mechanic, falling downed allies now has audio feedback.
  • Improved matchmaking to consider a player's "Loadout rank" when finding a suitable squad to join (sum of pistol + rifle + melee + powersuit rank) .
  • Updated Dera and Sicarus firing sounds.
  • Added missing mod card image for Quick Thinking.
  • Improved camera motion under collision.
  • Gloss maps added to Nekro’s materials for more varied shininess.
  • Added elemental FX for Kama.
  • Added more colour variation to Infested Pistol FX.
  • Acrid now uses energy color.
  • Added sound for Trinity’s Energy Vampire ability deactivating.
  • Players can only sell their last remaining Sentinel weapon if they have no Sentinels in their inventory.
  • Improved mini-map pathing to prevent misleading objective icons.
  • Reduced impulse on stealth finishers.
  • Balanced Nova’s Molecular Prime ability for Conclaves only.
  • Added unique casting sounds for Banshee abilities and updated Soundquake and Silence.
  • Added new Volt Shield ability sounds.
  • Updated Volt overload charge sounds to match animation.
  • Added translations for some text that was English only.
  • Added local and remote teleport sound slots for Ash’s Bladestorm.
  • Added small smoke effect to noxious crawlers.
  • Fixed mobile-defense objective markers; they now stay on the active defense objective and only show the other terminal markers after the defense wave is complete.
  • Prevented Vor’s electrical attacks from hiting the invisible players (Loki, Ash).
  • Improved spawning in multi-defense (and other modes that explicitly spawn enemies using custom spawn filters).
  • Improved spawning logic in Corpus Ship Survival.
  • Changed minimap marker settings to help with finding Survival capsules in Grineer Galleon.
  • Added a limit to the number of Survival markers that appear onscreen at once; aside from making it easier to see the action this may also help with frame-rate.
  • Removed elevators from Orokin Derelict Survival.
  • Improved melee weapon accuracy vs. non-upright targets.
  • Made sentinel flare visual effect use energy color.
  • Removed redundant mission start VO after host migration.
  • Changed pre-death (aka bleed-out) to disallow blocking or parrying.
  • Changed all UPPERCASE Warframe and weapon names in descriptions to Capital Case.
  • Improved Ash Teleport responsiveness – trimmed animation and added reaction to enemy being teleported to.
  • Added Carrier Sentinel ambient FX.
  • Added holster animation to Dual Zoren, Dual Ichor, and Dual Cleaver weapons after a jump attack.
  • Replaced pagination with scrolling navigation for browsing available profile pictures.
  • Revised player resurrection sounds.
  • Added conclave values to Sentinels and Kama.
  • Revised Clan leaderboard badges.
  • Made Ignis flame effects use energy color.
  • Added immediately display of cosmetic item loadout changes to on the main menu avatar; Backing out without equipping a cosmetic item will then revert to your actual loadout.
  • Improved Mag Prime materials to better allow tinting.
  • Improved logic for drawing enemy fire while using Rhino’s Iron Skin ability and Djinn Sentinel Fatal Attraction precept.
  • Improved ambient sound for Dojo Gardens.
  • Conclaves now operate on best-of-three rounds instead of single round.


  • Fixed various host migration issues found in Survival related to enemy spawning.
  • Fixed Survival life support capsule and pickup timing.
  • Fixed issue with news/alerts not displaying intermittently.
  • Fixed mission nodes being selected in the background when clicking on alert popup.
  • Fixed some highlight issues with consumables (buttons now disabled when not picking consumables).
  • Fixed rare cases where an alarm panel outside of the spawn would be enabled instead of the one in the spawn room, changed how health drain works.
  • Fixed Dual Ichor getting stuck in charge mode.
  • Fixed Sure Footed mod that was not working on clients.
  • Fixed issue where using chat while in a non-star node lobby will prevent the player from starting it, and when done in a star chart lobby, will start the match.
  • Fixed bounding box on consoles that allowed players to walk up them.
  • Fixed issue where player loses rewards in key-accessed defense missions if they do not claim and exit with host.
  • Fixed missing intro/outro music in Conclaves.
  • Fixed issue where Clans could build more than one of the same Clan Halls.
  • Fixed changing regions while zoomed preventing alert panel from every showing up again.
  • Fixed missing damage number reports for clients during Ember’s Overheat ability.
  • Fixed some issues with Warframe idles.
  • Fixed (switched) Glaive mod names of Quick Return and Rebound to match the function.
  • Fixed animation bug with Boltor if reload is interrupted by melee.
  • Fixed Mag’s Shield Polarize ability FX on enemies to use correct color.
  • Fixed a “power in use” bug that occurred after using Nekros’ Desecrate.
  • Fixed issue with Soma where clip mesh during reload animation was rendering black
  • Fixed Akimbo Bolto sound attenuation and missing reload sounds.
  • Fix for Glaive mods to be shared between Glaive/Kestrel
  • Fixed Conclave game type not counting in stats.
  • Fixed Torid gas cloud not appearing when the projectile hits and kills an enemy.
  • Fixed reported collision issues across all maps.
  • Fixed clients not being able to damage ragdolled enemies with trace fire weapons.
  • Fixed continuous fire AoE weapons (Ignis, Embolist) from hitting the same target multiple times per shot when in ragdoll.
  • Fixed missing bodyfall event sounds for Grineer deaths.
  • Fixed inbox not popping up after tutorial, if you have unread messages.
  • Fixed issue that allowed Nova’s Wormhole ability to teleport through rock walls.
  • Fixed Loki’s Radial Disarm that was removing limbs from Infested Runners.
  • Fixed issue where after activating the first objective in Orokin mobile defense, the timer does not start.
  • Fixed Dx11 being disabled in the launcher if you went to the settings panel before Dx11 had been auto-detected.
  • Fixed enemies not always playing their death animations / ragdolls.
  • Fixed weapons that played reload sounds twice (Ignis, Grakata, Embolist)
  • Fixed Nekros “noble” pose with Lanka equipped.
  • Fixed Survival reward that awarded a maxed Sentinel mod.
  • Fixed weapon energy shader for dark (black) energy colors.
  • Fixed issue where MOAs raised with Nekros Shadows of the Dead ability knocked down friendly players.
  • Fixed Shadows of the Dead not applying effects on clones for clients when there is enough latency between them and the host.
  • Fixed emblem deco positions on Carrier and Djinn sentinels.
  • Fixed Torid gas cloud damage radius, which was larger than the actual visible cloud.
  • Fixed Torid elemental damage not being affected by armor.
  • Fixed issue where Mods won't apply to newly purchased weapons until you "touch" them in the arsenal.
  • Fixed level 60+ Infested suicide runners surviving after they self-explode.
  • Fixed Osprey's not being affected by Ember’s Fireblast (even when flying right through the effects).
  • Fixed multiple animation bugs reported in forums.
  • Fixed mismatched translations of planet name for Phobos.
  • Fixed Vor teleporting after targets he hasn't seen yet.
  • Fixed ragdolled enemies not displaying a health bar.
  • Fixed throwing animation (Kunai, Hikou) becoming jittery with fire rate increase.
  • Fixed NPCs potentially falling through floor when activating panic-button.
  • Fixed issue where Sentinels were destroyed during Lephantis battle phase switches.
  • Fixed reload sounds for Dual Vastos with data mass reload animation.
  • Fixed Reflection mod not working on Grineer Lancers.
  • Fixed Infested chargers and ancients not being appropriately affected by Vauban’s Vortex ability.
  • Fixed issue where player could craft last remaining secondary weapon (for dual version) leaving the player with no secondary weapon available.
  • Fixed Ignis and other weapons causing Pickups to go crazy if they had not come to rest in Conclave duels.
  • Fixed the news and alerts blocking the mouse even when they are invisible.
  • Fixed issue where users may be unable to rotate their camera after placing a decoration in the Dojo.
  • Fixed perceived range issues with Galatine, and also fixed misaligned elemental FX.
  • Fixed some reported issues with Rescue Target “stuck” spots.
  • Fixed some gfx settings that would not actually take effect the 1st time you toggle if your reconfig required a device reset (ie: res change)
  • Fixed issue where players could attack and kill each other between rounds in Neptune and Pluto Conclaves.
  • Fixed issue where players were repeatedly teleported out of the duel area upon host migration.
  • Fixed missing elemental FX for Dakra Prime and Plasma sword.
  • Fixed issue where enemy Shield Osprey drones would shield friendly enemies controlled by Nyx or Nekros.
  • Fixed Glaive Rebound mod to have improved rebounding (must travel specified distance before auto-recall)
  • Fixed headshot stat tracking issues with all ranged weapons.
  • Fixed issue where if a player dies during a survival mission, they will lose their previously acquired checkpoint.
  • Fixed client not initiating lobby when joining sessions while zoomed in on a planet.
  • Fixed "joined <player>" message unnecessarily appearing when returning to frontend after completing a mission.
  • Fixed stat tracking to exclude enemy pet kills/deaths in Conclave duels.
  • Fixed Ember’s Fireblast light FX being independent of its power duration.
  • Fixed spectating mode - spectators no longer spectate themselves.
  • Fixed Conclave spawning to avoid players spawning on top of each other.
  • Fixed Fatal Attraction precept error on clients, resulting in missing FX.
  • Fixed player getting stuck in sprint without toggle sprint in some cases.
  • Fixed akimbo animations related to crouching and hand positioning.
  • Fixed issues with Ammo Mutation mods that were not functioning as intended.

@randanger@humanity will be most interested

  • Bosses now have their blueprint drops as end-mission rewards (like Lephantis) instead of physical orbs in the level.

You are guaranteed to get a blueprint as mission reward now (just that it may not be the one you're looking for) At least it takes the frustration of not having any drops.


Hotfix: Dragon key blueprints now explicitly stating they are reusable. (did not know they were reusable! I built so many)

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Preview of the new damage model was posted on the design council

Preview/WIPS/Subject to change

I am attaching this in haste! Sorry Council - I have to run and scramble to fix bugs, and I didn't want to let myself have yet another day go by without posting. I will come back in tomorrow to expand a bit.

This image is a terse capture of the work-in-progress on damage changes. Thanks for you support and patience with us! Talk soon! (Runs off to fix resource drops)

- DE_Steve

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Note to anyone who is a founder, check your email (and your spamfilters, found mine there) - Warframe is giving a special gift to all Founders (headband to all Founders as well as a Tshirt for Master and Grandmaster Founders) - no (further) charge.

as a side-note: Friday was the last day to join (or upgrade your participation in) the Warframe Founder program.

That means that there is currently no way to join the Design Council if you aren't already a founder... but there is a discussion (in the Design Council) about how to add future people to the Design Council. It's been confirmed that everyone who "bought into" the Design Council as a founder has permanent access "for all time", however.

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Duders, Update 11 Details

Loading Video...

Really excited they are adding content! And Surprise! Finally addressing something that has been bugging us for so long! A popup map in the dojo

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Thread has now been updated to reflect the new changes

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Sounds like there's been some changes to Soma (lower crit chance) and that Acrid's poison damage is no longer modified, but I guess that's pretty much expected? Either way, excited for Damage 2.0 - the damage system has been too static and too prone to power creep for a long time.

Undecided about the Prime Access program, doesn't seem nearly as good as the Founder Program (obvious reasons, I guess?) - especially with only the Extractor Prime, Misa Syandana Prime and Ember Prime Portraits being "exclusives". Lots of Plat, though.

Guess we need to decide where to put the trading kiosk... should've prepared for that. I'll have something during the day. Would be handy to know if you need to place it under the new tileset...

Scanning should be cool - seems like a completely new activity :) (never played, but I imagine it's similar to the Metroid Prime scanning?)

Seems to be a lot of matchmaking and hosting fixes. Sounds really promising - I've been having a horrible spell of poor multiplayer performance lately.

Capture targets seem to be adopting the behavior of those escaping crewmembers from that ... uh, one event. With the fleeing crewmen. Sounds good - they've always seemed way too static to me :)

"NPCs will no longer target Rescue agents" - uh, that seems kind of like a big deal. Makes rescue missions potentially a lot easier :P

Seems like a good update!

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I made a video showing the changes in Update 11

Loading Video...

I tired to do commentary but the audio came out crap so had to settle with subtitles and captions

More info about Damage 2.0 http://warframe.wikia.com/wiki/Damage_2.0

Surface:ShieldsFerrite ArmorFleshInfestedRoboticStatus Effect
Electric-25%-25%+25%Chain Attack
Heat-25%-25%+25%Fire DoT
Toxin+25%+25%-25%DoT to Health
Combined ElementsBlast +
Heat + Cold
Corrosive +
Electric + Toxin
Gas +
Heat + Toxin
-75%+75%+25%-75%Toxin AoE
Magnetic +
Cold + Electric
+75%+25%-75%-75%-Max Shields
Radiation +
Heat + Electric
Viral +
Cold + Toxin
-75%+25%-25%-25%-Max Health
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I'm not sure if i understand how trading works entirely just yet, but... is there any meaning in making a new thread dedicated to trading (opinions?)? Say, list what you have for trade, and what items you are interested in?

Also tried the titan extractor... not really impressed. the whole 4 hour cycle is really dumb (as most people's lives operate much more on 8 hour beats) - and your extractor is going to lose up to 75% of it's health (can't be repaired) if it's left alone for 8 hours... I expect changes over the coming days.

@rapid: Nice video, but I think the lack of commentary is holding it back, but I realize it's very difficult to get right. Probably easiest (but more time consuming) to record scripted commentary over finished video (or, at least, before cutting)... but that's a lot of work :s

Not sure if you mentioned it (if you did, I missed it), but the elemental combinations go by order (from top left) of the mods. So having frost, fire, electricity means you get Blast and Electricity while "Fire, Electricity, Frost" gives you Radation and Frost.

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I'm not sure if i understand how trading works entirely just yet, but... is there any meaning in making a new thread dedicated to trading (opinions?)? Say, list what you have for trade, and what items you are interested in?

Probably the best idea I'd say, otherwise this might get cluttered with talks about balance changes interjected with "WTB Serration max level mod!"

Oh and trading is uh well.. you need a clan dojo. Once you have a clan dojo you can build a trade kiosk, which is a placeable room decoration object. Then you need to invite your trading partner to said dojo and then you both walk up to the trade kiosk and "use" it (press E I think) then you get into the trading system. I think right now you can't trade everything(mods work, keys work, credits work( I think) and Platinum works(!!! dunno if I like that yet or not; Tradechat was full of people selling mods for platinum)

From what I tested with a clanmate, there is no restriction in terms of what you can trade with what, I don't know if they put in a restriction when it comes to platinum or not.

What I do know is there is a credits fee involved when you trade. We tested it with a unmodded common ability and a unmodded ultimate ability and both sides have to pay a fee in credits to complete the trade. It probably will be interesting to see how prices for items develop and if and how many3rd party trading sites and exchange table sites will pop up.

Also tried the titan extractor... not really impressed. the whole 4 hour cycle is really dumb (as most people's lives operate much more on 8 hour beats) - and your extractor is going to lose up to 75% of it's health (can't be repaired) if it's left alone for 8 hours... I expect changes over the coming days.

Yeah that's a bit dumb, but hey I got 6 morphics the other day, so YAY.

The new damage system is interesting, a lot of previously shitty guns are actually now quite good, while a bunch of former OP weapons are now horrible ( I am looking at you FLUX rifle) Probably going to take a while for the best builds to emerge, though some say that certain damage combinations are negligible and not worth going for, same seems to be true for weapons who deal a lot of slashing damage, but it is great to go in experiment with your weapon builds again.

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So....I know that this is free so the question "Should I play this?" would be met with people pointing out that exact fact so my question to all of you who play it is would I be able to slot myself in as a newbie and actually have a good time? Like how is the community? Are they going to tear me apart if I don't know some of the more granular specifics?

#74 Posted by Humanity (11997 posts) -

Tried yesterday and sadly not much has changed. Still can't navigate the menus with a controller despite the game being released on ps4 to play. Still got put into games that lagged so bad everything stood still. The missions are still just run forward and kill. The chat/friends panel is still a mess.

Granted I didn't play for long but this was a release that I really fell in love with at some point, so it's sad to see it reach this hump that it can't seem to get over to become a better game.

#75 Edited by Mnemoidian (1008 posts) -

@demoskinos: Warframe has a couple of things going for it to make it more friendly for new players: once you get past the initial bump in difficulty (which can be pretty brutal), the game becomes rather low-impact, making it my go-to game for listening to podcasts and watching tv-series/movies/other videos. It's also a game that is almost exclusively cooperative (except for a handful of (unbalanced) PvP arenas) without a great deal of reliance on your teammates (this changes in the "endgame".)

Also, your account-level only gains "experience" from playing and leveling up weapons, warframes and sentinels you have not yet "mastered" (brought to max-level once), meaning that you are encouraged to try as many weapons, warframes and sentinels as possible. (there is currently no benefit past rank 9... but that'll keep you busy for a long time).

At the same time, if you want to, the game does provide for some serious skill-challenges - the "endgame challenges" are not something I'd expose a new player to... and there is definitely a noticeable skill difference between most low-ranked players and more highly ranked ones.

That said, there are jerks. And in PUGs, half the other people won't know how to revive you if you do go down, so there is that - but I find that most of the time, playing online is not such a chore that I don't do it... and I try to help promote a positive community by making sure to revive everyone and give friendly answers whenever asked.

Hope that answers your questions!

[edit: this became a really weird post, the forums ate the first one I posted :/ ]

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PC Update 11.5.0

@mrcraggle Update 11.5.0: The Cicero Crisis.

Event: Cicero Crisis!



- New Warframe: OBERON – the Paladin Warframe! Equally adept at healing friends or striking down the enemy. Oberon embodies the balance Tenno are sworn to uphold. Find him today by fighting Vay Hek!

Loading Video...

- New Forest Tile set reveal! Within the Cicero Crisis Event node on Earth is a first look at the new Forest tileset!

- Corpus Gas City Expansion.

- New primary weapon: Karak, a Grineer rifle!

- New secondary weapon: The Stug, a Grineer goo-gun!

- New melee weapon: The Magistar, a Tenno mace!

- New Infested Whip: now in Clan Research!

- Burston Prime! The Void’s influence has further permeated the Orokin Derelicts… bringing loot with it! Visit The Orokin Derelict Survival missions today to find the Burston Prime!

- The Void’s influence is still strong on the Orokin Derelicts – and some Prime items have a new home. You can now search Orokin Derelict Defenses for the Sicarus Prime BP, Ember Prime BP, and Boar Prime Receiver!

- Forest Weapon Skin pack!

- Ho-ho-ho! Candy Cane Scythe skin & other holiday goodies! Look around, Tenno!

- Network optimizations for melee and beam weapons added!

- Added and replaced old Lotus lines (thanks for letting us know in the forums!)

Warframe Changes:


Paralysis (Third Power) - Now only takes 1/3rd of shields but still calculates damage based on 1/2 shield use.

Hysteria (Fourth Power) - Now has life regain/regeneration as damage is being dealt to enemies.


Fireball (First Power) - Deals Direct damage with a 100% Fire proc, on impact deals radial damage with 50% Fire Proc, has a faster travel time.

Accelerant (New Second Power - was Overheat) - Accelerant affects all enemies in a radius to have knockback + it coats them in fire damage amplifier!

Fire Blast - Initial radial damage now has 100% fire proc.


Venom - Now does viral damage.

Molt – The Molt Decoy now gets increased health with fusion level.

Miasma - Damage increase and changed to corrosive damage type.


- Infested Invasion missions now only require 3 completions for Battle Pay instead of 5.

- Infested Invasions will always inherit node mission type if the preexisting node was: Exterminate, Defense, Mobile Defense, or Survival. If the node being Infested was not one of those, game will decide randomly out of the 4 (Exterm, Defense, M. Defense, Survival).

- Increase limit on the number of rooms allowed in your Dojo. The limit is now 100 rooms!

- Trinity’s Blueprint drops have moved to Iliad on Phobos to be dropped by Kril and Vor!

- Armour/Shield/Health/Damage curves have been modified. We’ve lowered the “bullet sponge” to high level enemies, but they now deal more damage. The armour curve was radically dropped. The health and shields curves dropped slightly as well. However, damage output went up.

- Adjustments to enemies targeting when using melee attacks – they go for you now, not the camera!

- Adjustments to frequency of Lotus dialogue.

- All Sentinel Weapons now respond to fire-rate mods, magazine-size mods, and reload-time mods.

- Host election made a little bit more robust (corner cases, like interrupting election just before level starts, then restarting lobby etc)

- Changes to weapon projectile logic. The motivation of this change is that we want weapons like grenades that explode to end up in the same spot on host and client (in sync) without having the traditional delay of a replicated projectile (in particular, we have grenades that can be remotely detonated and this requires more or less precise timing on the part of the local client). This should fix some random self-inflicted deaths!


- Fixed issues with Sentinel weapon stats not showing correct values.

- Fixed Arsenal stats for weapons that have projectiles with complex damage (Ogris, Penta and Torid).

- Fixed random enemy patrols stopping and spinning in doors.

- Fixed Phorid level not loading.

- Fixed Loki’s Switch Teleport giving Target Obstructed message when target isn't obstructed.

- Fixed issue where Social menu goes off screen if opened closed in quick succession.

- Fixed voice chat still being heard/usable when disabled in Settings.

- Fixed scanner breaking on last scan charge.

- Fixed Codex title not updating after navigation.

- Fixed enemy tier getting reset after host migration

- Fixed Trinity clipping with the Grakata for the Noble Animation set.

- Fixed invasion missions sometimes resulting in no allies spawning.

- Fixed Mobile Defense console context action showing up in other game modes.

- Fixed issues with message box causing other screens to go wonky, even if it wasn’t visible!

- Fixed missing mini-map components in Gas City tile set.

- Fixed issue where dying players would not get a Revive or Forfeit prompt.

- Fixed percent completed text in the Operation meters clipping the Attacker/Defender icons.

- Fixed some issues where the happenings of the Warframe world (Alerts, invasions) were not being updated in real-time.

- Fixed logic with Nova’s Wormhole cast – it is generated from your camera and the height of the cast has been adjusted.

- Fixed Cameras not functioning correctly after being shot once, they’d get stuck trying to play pain animations. Cameras can’t feel pain… yet.

- Fixed max deployable resource drones:

- Amount of deployable drones varies – you get one for every five mastery ranks.

Mastery 0 – 4, 1 drone

Master 5- 9, 2 drones

Master 10 +, 3 drones.

- All Founders/Primes Access get +1 to each tier. So if you are Mastery 14 and Founder, you get 4. If Mastery 14 and no Founder status, you get 3.

- Fixed texture issues, seen here:


- Fixed issues where having Reflex Guard mod equipped could result in rank-up test failures.

- Fixed crashes caused by disabling local reflections.

- Various crash fixes.

About PS4 Update 11 from DE_Steve

Alad V's face needs smashing on PS4! A lot of great things rolled out on PS4 today. Tons of great content. Tons of improvements to the camera and input system. If you're a new Warframer on PS4, welcome and thanks for playing - I hope you like the new stuff. I am sorry it got held up so long and we will continue to push for more and faster releases!

About PC Update 11.30 from DE_Steve

There is so much badass stuff in 11.3 but I wanted to drop in and apologize for the violent changes in 11.3 that we did not communicate ahead of time. That was stupid. We are pretty bullish about change and challenging the status quo but you deserve fair warning and dialogue when big stuff is coming like say... I dunno removing an entire faction (sort of).


We've got a lot of great/angry/polite feedback on the changes and we're listening and acting on them quickly. We're going to continue to tune the invasions and outbreaks - internally we are sharply divided on the Infestation change - but I hope you can bear with us as we work on improving it. I think the dynamics within the solar chart are refreshing in concept... execution needs work. There are straight up progression bugs and such that are getting fixed immediately.

Damage Resistance OMGWTFBBQ:

The elemental combinations created more damage types which demanded more attention to enemy type differentiation. Enter Excel. Enter Madness. I am in the process of greatly reducing the complexity of the resistance changes. My plan is to 'increase the good' vs. 'decrease the bad'. For most enemies there will be 3 bonuses and 1 resistance. The resistance amount will be cut by 1/3rd.

Network Bandwidth Optimizations:

Sadly the programmer that checked in network bandwidth reduction (me) didn't call it out in the change notes! Clients are sending half the data they used to. Host outgoing bandwidth has been reduced by 30-40%. These changes help bandwidth and CPU time for hosts.

Presence Issues Last Night:

Should all be resolved. We switched some packet hashing on the presence server which pinned the CPU - this was fixed within the hour.

Warframe Buffs:

Damage resistances/Damage 2.0 screwing up Warframes. We've confiscated the nerf hammer from Scott and replaced it with the Galatine of Buffing. Expect some positive changes to suffering Warframes in the next week.

Cross-play/Rainbow Bridge (sad emoticon):

So this sucks. It's about 95% our fault too. We still haven't got the builds synchronized and it won't be happening this month. For those anxious to migrate your accounts, I'm sorry we sucked at this. Much of this is just slashing migration flexibility in order to make launch. The team is looking at possible ways to migrate when the builds are out of sync. I will update when I know more... I know it sounds like hot air, but we all are still committed to getting cross-play working. The agony is staring at certification time and holding back updates on PC.

XP Distribution Changes:

Glen will post separately about this but we're going to be adjusting how 'radial/shared' XP earnings are distributed among your gear (based on use). This, along with the XP boost and Sentinel XP fixes, should mean your advancement is making a lot more sense and hasn't degraded from U10 levels.

Next Week:

The Jungle! A Warframe! We'll be showing off treats on tomorrow's livestream!

Now back to the code/tables for me, while I scratch my pathetic beard regrowth.


#77 Posted by mrcraggle (2201 posts) -

It's been awhile since I've updated this thread (over 7 months in fact) as I've been out of Warframe but I do really want to get back into it so why not start afresh (sort of) with the lastest update.

#78 Edited by Lanechanger (711 posts) -

Nice! Pretty excited for the new frame and pet system. I logged in for a bit this morning and did the first part of the prologue before I got booted out. (login servers are pretty spotty right now). Not sure how I feel about the new sound design and the ship's voice yet but we'll see how that goes.

#79 Posted by mrcraggle (2201 posts) -

I still have yet to even play (busy day).

#80 Posted by Lanechanger (711 posts) -

Got through the prologue, now I'm just waiting for a damn kubrow egg to finally drop out of one of the dens ><

#81 Posted by mrcraggle (2201 posts) -

The prologue is so much better than what players had before and is much better for new players. I think GB should defo go back and do an unfinished or something since the game has changes so much since update 5 (when the game was last properly covered). I'll play a bit more after the live show. It does seem a lot buggier though with broken animations with stuff that worked perfectly fine before. I've also been gone for so long that I'm now missing out on 12 (!) frames and like, a million weapons. I hope they've surfaced stuff to the player a bit better so you don't need to play with a wiki which has been an issue for a long time.

#82 Posted by mrcraggle (2201 posts) -

Updated the main post to reflect new changes and updates coming after announcements from Tenno Live 2014.

#83 Edited by Rapid (1460 posts) -

@mrcraggle: We're you able to get your 3000 point run? We were doing a run when you were asking me. Then I had to go unfortunately.

Loading Video...

#84 Posted by mrcraggle (2201 posts) -

@rapid: Yea, I was able to get to 4005 I believe on my first Europa run on a very laggy game.

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