Update 9 is here!

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Update 9 is finally upon us. This update is huge so read below to see what's new and what has changed:

New Warframe from the Design Council called Nova.
Orokin Void Map expansion (with Mobile Defense, Defense, and Capture!) with 5 new Prime weapons to be found (Bronco, Fang, Paris, Braton, Orthos)
Captain Vor Boss Battle (drops rare “Seer” scoped pistol blueprints)
New Sentinel Attachments – Jet Wings, Koi tail, Mechhead mask
New Weapon – Grineer Shotgun “Sobek”
Dojo Statues have Arrived! Explore 12 new placeable decorations for your dojo (Plus, coming soon, +2 more decos for top ranked clans from Fusion MOA and Snipetron event)

  • New Weapon – Tenno Throwing stars “Hikou”
  • New Clan Research Weapon – Corpus Pistol “Spectra”
  • Added first phases of Lore UI (click your in-game profile and look for the tab!)
  • Grineer Galleon Map Expansion (now supporting Mobile Defense, Spy, Deception, Capture)
  • Series II Warframe Alt Helmets: 14 new Warframe Helmets (1 for each Warframe including NOVA)
  • Avatar packs for all Season II helmets.
  • Clan & Dojo Management Improvements (MotD, Clan size restrictions)
  • New star map functionality with Cinematic dioramas.
  • Aura mod system is here! The Artifacts system has transformed into a new system and has merged with the Aresnal UI. The new “Auras” can be fused just like mods, and they have their own slot! Auras are powerful, but also come at a cost to equip.
  • 12x new Mods: Faction "Bane" (melee, pistol, shotgun, rifle)
  • Nightmare Game Mode. Are you tough enough to survive Nightmare mode?
  • 10x Dual Stat Mods rewards (awarded in “Nightmare” game mode challenges only)
  • Sneak preview of new UI in the Foundry!
  • New Boss on Europa! Look out for the Corpus Raptor!
  • New Tutorial added, look out for Captain Vor!
  • New Infested Ancient enemy has appeared in the solar system, be alert.
  • New color picker for the French Holiday!
  • Clan Emblems have been added as an option to the game. Warlords, check the www.warframe.com/user/page!
  • New Resource and Credit bundle options added to the Market.


  • Enabled Clan size caps. This cap is Phase One of making the shift to the new Alliance System. With this change also comes the new scaled resourced per Clan Tier . Please see this post to see where you and your clan fit in: https://forums.warfr...an-caps-coming/
  • Added toggle for “gore” in Options Menu. Gore enabled by default.
  • Added friendly system message in EU Region Global chat reminding players to “take a break” every hour they play.
  • Changed a variety of blueprint recipes in the Marketplace.
  • Refined the tint options on the Burston, Viper, Gram, Furis, Afuris, Dera, Furax, and Boltor.
  • Revisions to Snipetron Vandal sounds.
  • Mobile Defense: Adjusted number of active enemies allowed during defense stages - more for solo & increase numbers slightly in stage 2 & 3 to make them more epic.
  • Enemies will storm the defense targets, which makes them much more aggressive towards it.
  • Improved sprint animations for throwing weapons movement set.
  • Prevent players from entering missions once a build update has been detected.
  • Improved color tinting on Ash’s smoke armband—more subtle.
  • Mobile Defense – Release lockdown when going into a defense wave. NPC’s abort running to panic button during defense wave.
  • Weapon skins selector now supports displaying more than 7 skins.
  • Added arrow trail to Dread projectiles.
  • Show Squad count when hovering over nodes.
  • Disabled mantle/wall run on decorative trees to prevent players from getting stuck in them.
  • Burston - damage and fire rate buff.
  • Dera - projectile speed increased (doubled flight speed).
  • Flux Rifle – damage and fire rate buff.
  • Lanka – damage and damage type (serrated) buff.
  • True Steel mod buff (doubled).
  • Pressure Point mod buff (20% base).
  • Reaper Prime buff – a bit more speed, damage, and charge damage.
  • Shield Lancers now use Grineer Viper instead of Tenno weapon.
  • Sniper Mods can now be applied to Lanka
  • Increased the drop rate for Control Modules, Alloy Plate, Neural Sensors, and Gallium.


  • Fixed Acrid DOT numbers not showing up on capture target, and death affect not replicating.
  • Fixed a case where exterminate missions could be left with non-zero enemy remaining count, but no enemies would spawn.
  • Fixed Rhino's Iron Skin being removed by other players causing damage to it.
  • Fixed ability effects for Nyx to be consistent on host/client both in terms of what is created and what colour it is.
  • Fixed Rescue mission from being completed without freeing the prisoner.
  • Fixed some reported navigation and cover issues AI were having in Grineer Defense.
  • Fixed Volt’s Speed ability not making you jog faster.
  • Fixed player sliding issues.
  • Fixed host migration issue in Grineer Galleon Sabotage where the target would be missing after migration.
  • Fixed health regeneration in PvP dueling.
  • Fixes to prevent objective related triggers being re-enabled after host migration.
  • Fixed Volt’s Shock ability to chain properly off turrets and cameras.
  • Fixed Supra - shots from the Supra will now correctly line up with the target reticule.
  • Fixed weapon attachments (Kunai/Despair holsters) that would detach from player while using a sniper rifle.
  • Fixed/removed off-hand flashlight when using Despair.
  • Fixed Capture target hostage AI not following player after host migration.
  • Fixed icon for default Frost helmet.
  • Fixed issue where Bladestorm would get “stuck” on clients.
  • Fixed various reported level issues (clipping, AI nav, level holes).
  • Various crash fixes.
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Space ninja's FTW!!

#3 Edited by Rapid (1379 posts) -

Wow unexpected drop!

Already the dojo build is underway =)

Edit: Cool you can now strengthen artifacts (Aura Mods)

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Nice :)

Re: Raptor - pretty difficult, people haven't figured out how to fight him yet, so expect a rough time. The boss is one of those flying Corpus birds Fires are mines, and boss shoots some really nasty rockets. You are likely to die, so try to keep cover between you and Raptor (or easily available at a moments notice) and you should be fine... until you have to go out and scrape the rest of your team off of the ground :P

(Raptor drops the Nova blueprints, btw. (and it's still a dumb name))

Not seen the new Dojo costs, but I take it that they are reasonable seeing how you were able to make both before I got out of bed this morning ;)

Other than that - man, this update is much larger than I expected. A ton of new weapons, lots of new Void missions, not to mention the Nightmare difficulty. So much to do :O

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@mnemoidian: Update went live shortly before I went to bed so I had to stay awake just a bit longer to check out the prices. They're insane now. I posted about in the clan thread. The only thing I don't really have are Forma but I had 1 so I made the T hallway with it and I built a few decorations.

It blows my mind how far the game has come since seeing the QL from January. I think at that point the only enemy were the Grineer now we have the Corpus and Infested plus variations on top of those. I really was unaware how much this update really would contain. The presentation is really just getting crazy now. Just clicking on a mission and you're treated to these very nice diorama-like pieces. They don't really add anything to the game but it's a nice addition and shows a great level of detail. Even the tutorial was more than I expected.

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@mrcraggle: Yeah, the dioramas look great - bit of a shame that they aren't using my weapons on my warframe in the dioramas. But it's a great start :)

And yeah, for all the shit DE gets, they are doing an amazing job adding stuff to the game.

I do think that the platinum prices for things are still pretty crazy (they added platinum for resources this patch as well, I believe - and it's not cheap), but on the bright side, that just means it's not really "pay to win".

Need to figure out how to run the tutorial again, though... heard veterans would be able to...

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@mnemoidian: The prices have always been a bit shit but they probably keep it that way so everyone won't just buy everything and will have to play the game to unlock it. You still need to actually play the game anyway if you want the prime weapons anyway. As for the tutorial, you just need to click the top left where your stats are. There you'll find a button for the tutorial as well as a new lore section as well.

Here are some gifs of how missions look now when you click into them.

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Here's some still frames I took. We need some clan ones =)

Was playing around with streaming using OBS, for some reason the screen got cropped in the stream.

Gameplay Footage from 7/13/2013 with Giant Bomb Heavy Industry (Rodeo, StarCosmos, Rapidx)

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Man that gun has a crazy scope on it :U

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Enjoyed this game several months ago, might just wait until the PS4 comes out for me to try it again. With how much has been added in a few months, I can't wait to see how it is in several more

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