Vault Seflies... Form Voltron!

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Slick bastards in primary colors...

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To give some context there's currently a contest on Warframe

Explore the cavernous halls of the Orokin Derelict Ships and discover the secrets they hold by finding the Vault door. Take a screenshot of your Warframe in front of the Vault door and post it to the Forum thread here to enter a draw for Platinum prizes!

Five winners of 1,000 Platinum will be drawn at random. If your screenshot includes more than one player, all players in the image will receive the prize!

The challenge will run from Friday, October 11 at 3 PM EDT to Tuesday, October 15 at 3 PM EDT.


- Your screenshot must include your Warframe in front of the Vault door to be a valid entry


Your screenshot must be posted on our (WARFRAME) forum thread here to enter the draw


- Include your Alias in your screenshot Forum post (and all team members in the shot).

- One entry per person

- Each player can only win one Platinum prize. If you are in numerous winning Screenshots, you will only win 1,000 Platinum.

Good luck!

Giant Bomb Heavy Industries (The Warframe Clan) decided to get a picture of our warframes in Voltron / Sentai Warrior / Power Ranger / Ronin Warrior / Kamen Rider colors

FYI I'm usually Red but @gristlemcthornbody wanted to be Red Lion =P

I submitted the first screenshot to the contest - (See Entry)

Make sure to identify yourself within your post.

2558551-warframe.x64 2013-10-11 21-52-03-746.png
2558552-warframe.x64 2013-10-11 21-54-01-959.png
2558553-warframe.x64 2013-10-11 21-54-14-754.png
2558554-warframe.x64 2013-10-11 22-04-34-367.png

Here is a quick video of @ravenlight@gristlemcthornbody@rapid@randanger exploring the new Orokin Vaults in the Derelict Levels.

Loading Video...

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Sup duders. Here is my submission to the contest


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@journ3y: If your screenshot wins does DE have give their own employee platnium as well =P

We end up playing a game with an employee at Digital Extremes (DE_Ramon, player playing as Trinity in the screenshots)

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They should give it to us instead :P

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