VinnCo - A GiantBomb Warframe PS4 clan

#51 Posted by awesomeusername (4537 posts) -

Sent. Let's start Warframing! I'm tired of playing alone or with randoms.

#52 Posted by Shadow (5110 posts) -

I've got 10 warframes at 30 (and more of each weapon type) and I've just FINALLY completed the last standard planetary mission and gotten to mastery 9 so I want to start specializing and getting something really powerful instead of just leveling up stuff for rank points. I'm trying to think of which one to potato, forma, and other terms that won't make sense if you aren't already deep into this stupid game. What warframes are already covered by the main clan members?

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@shadow: The only ones I don't see yet are ash, mag and some of the prime frames. Personaly I have maxed out and potatoed; rhino, vauban, frost, trinity, loki, volt, nyx, nova, oberon and ember (I did max out excaliber but I sold him way back for the inventory spot)

Oh I dont recall seeing a banshee yet either but I could be wrong....

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For those still playing warframe on ps4, there is a special orokin catalyst blueprint up for grabs in the alerts for the next 20 hrs or so. If you are familiar with the game you'll know how hard these are to come by. Go get it!!!!

#55 Posted by samcroft90 (102 posts) -

I requested an invite earlier in the thread and never got one. Could I get one please?

PSN is samcroft90.

#56 Edited by nbsmola (13 posts) -

I just started getting really into this game. Pretty good stuff. I'll message the glorious leader.


#57 Posted by SeanCoughing (280 posts) -

I will message you as well. PSN: SeanCoughing

#58 Posted by JBG4 (678 posts) -

@refactored: I would love an invite. I've been playing quite a bit recently...



#59 Posted by Devil240Z (3978 posts) -

if you guys are still playing I would like in. Devil240Z

This game is good fun.

#60 Edited by darkjohnny47 (151 posts) -

I would like to sign up if anyone is still playing.

PSN id: darkjohnny47


#61 Posted by Silver-Streak (1553 posts) -

I'm slowly migrating over to the PS4 version (the launch of the PS4 has reignited my trophy addiction). If people are still active, an invite to PSN ID Silver-Streak would be great.

#62 Posted by Grillbar (1977 posts) -

i would love to join. psn id: grillbar

#63 Edited by BeautifulSpaceCowboy (658 posts) -

Just started playing this on PS4, and I'd appreciate an invite. My PSN ID is Zombienutz

#64 Edited by Spence_5060 (382 posts) -

Hey I am brand new to this game and would love an invite to the clan. Would love to play if anyone else still is.

PSN is MastuhSpence

#65 Posted by SumMexican75 (30 posts) -

If you guys are still active I would like to join.

PSN: Dongary75

#66 Edited by Silver-Streak (1553 posts) -

Is the PS4 clan still live? I never got an invite (that I can tell, but it may have been wiped from the recent update).

#67 Posted by Tharrington (153 posts) -

If the clan is still active I would love an invite. I have been playing a lot more and would appreciate to play with people that are actually trying to help rather than just get to the end of the map as fast as possible. My psn id is Koko_Flores

#68 Posted by MarkR (55 posts) -

Would like to join.

PSN: Moshtly

#69 Posted by Girthantoklops (13 posts) -

I would like to join the clan, sent you a request on PSN, already had you on my Friendslist. PSN-ID is DadNFriends.

#70 Posted by zockroach (72 posts) -

I would like to join if anyone is still running this. psn: zockroach

#71 Posted by Refactored (130 posts) -


To the few people that have made requests over the past couple of days, apologies for not getting around to it yet but I will add you this evening. I haven't played in months but thinking of dropping back in for a bit following Jeff bringing it up on the bombcast.

#72 Posted by ANBUsamuri (8 posts) -

If the clan is still active I'd like to join, just got into the game.

PSN: edgemaverick48

#73 Posted by Akufen (21 posts) -

@refactored: would like to join the clan and check the game since Jeff talked about it on the bombcast and looks fun.



#74 Posted by spiering8 (5 posts) -

Just started playing today. Interested in joining the clan.

PSN: spiering8

#75 Posted by MechaKirby (359 posts) -

If this is still going strong I want in, I just started playing last night. PSN: Not-A-Stalker

#76 Posted by BlackLagoon (1770 posts) -

@refactored: Hope this doesn't show up twice - I thought I wrote this post earlier, but it doesn't appear to have gotten added. Anyway, I've been a pretty active player for a while now (mastery rank 17), and since VinnCo appeared dormant when I needed a clan, I ended up just making my own one-man thing to get access to the clan gear.

But if you're getting things off the ground again, I'm tempted to ditch my little thing and join you guys. I'm curious, how are things are going though - how large is the clan? How much needs to be built/researched? Do you have enough materials to get things done? It's easier for me to stay on top of these things in a little Ghost Clan after all, and I'd be a bit bummed out if not to be ready to research any new clan stuff that might be added in the next update.

#77 Posted by xagefu (12 posts) -

As others have said if still active i would love an invite to get into the swing of things,
IGN: Xagefu

#78 Posted by therealnelsk (360 posts) -

Would love an invite if you guys are still around! PSN: EKUST1X

#79 Posted by Sammo21 (4221 posts) -

If this clan is still going I'd appreciate an invite! My PSN ID is Sammo21 . Thanks!

#80 Posted by VicWhiten (3 posts) -

I'll take an invite if they're going out! PSN is VicWhiten.

#81 Posted by peachesrcool (87 posts) -

I sent a friend request, but incase you didn't see it my psn is peachesrcool and i would love to join

#82 Posted by MormonWarrior (2825 posts) -

@refactored: Sent you a friend request with the info on PSN! :)

#83 Edited by Refactored (130 posts) -


I've added a few more duders but have hit the clan cap before we do the next big upgrade. I've had a look and there are a few people that haven't been on in over a year so I'll create a new topic saying I'll clean up the clan at the end of the week and then hopefully add some new active players in.


#84 Posted by Vahleticar (234 posts) -

Hey I appreciate you managing all this stuff. I too got into this game at xmas. Add me, my psn name: vahleticar

#85 Posted by DedBeet (431 posts) -

Just started playing; can I get an invite?

PSN: Rainwater

#86 Posted by Refactored (130 posts) -

@blacklagoon: Hey, we have 30 in the clan at the moment but I would say less than half that are in any way active. I've been away from it for a bit so couldn't give you a full overview of what's left to build though I just kicked off the archwing so make of that what you will.

Based on the fall off from last time I'd probably say you may be better off without us :p I'll deffo let you know how we get on though and see if it makes sense. Up to you obviously though.

Is there is a simple way to summarise were we aren't?

#87 Posted by BlackLagoon (1770 posts) -

@refactored: What I've been thinking of is firing up Warframe on an alternate PSN account and "parking" my clan on that one. Then I can join you guys and have a fall-back plan if things don't work out. I'll let you know when I'm ready.

#88 Posted by Refactored (130 posts) -

@blacklagoon: We are out of spaces till I clean up this weekend so no hurry.

Getting used to the feel of the game again...

#89 Posted by Amethon (35 posts) -

If you have any space left afterward, I'd love to join. PSN: Akhiris

#90 Posted by RJMontalvo (7 posts) -

If there are any spaces, looks like I still have the Rhino/Mag skins I made...need time to get used to it again but the name is crustycrabz

#91 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5775 posts) -

@refactored: Is it possible for someone to create another GB clan on PS4 to ally with this one to deal with the influx of people wanting to join?

#92 Posted by Refactored (130 posts) -

@sethphotopoulos: It is definitely a possibility, and it has been mentioned in the apology post from the PC clan. When set up as an alliance the two groups would be able to get the benefits of being able to team up etc.

If there is someone new that would want to set it up just post here and I will try to support in so much as I can. There are a lot of great post written by guys from the PC clan so it would be worth checking them out too.

Again sorry for the delay in getting people into the clan. Start building those Dojo keys everyone!

#93 Posted by SeanCoughing (280 posts) -

I'd be willing to join a secondary clan if one is started. PSN: SeanCoughing

#94 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5775 posts) -

@sethphotopoulos: It is definitely a possibility, and it has been mentioned in the apology post from the PC clan. When set up as an alliance the two groups would be able to get the benefits of being able to team up etc.

If there is someone new that would want to set it up just post here and I will try to support in so much as I can. There are a lot of great post written by guys from the PC clan so it would be worth checking them out too.

Again sorry for the delay in getting people into the clan. Start building those Dojo keys everyone!

What does it take to run a clan?

#95 Posted by Refactored (130 posts) -

@sethphotopoulos: The Warframe wiki for clans will hopefully help. You basically go to the clan tab and you can name one that doesn't already exist.

And I have stolen this from an old post by @mnemoidian :


Of particular interest is that as a new clan, you'll be a "Ghost clan", which means that you are able to have 10 members in the clan at any one time. To expand this, you need to expand your dojo to the point where it includes a "Shadow Barracks" (which'll allow you up to 30 members at a time). Important to understand is that the cost for building dojo rooms increase with clan size - so building the dojo will be very cheap as a Ghost Clan - and significantly more expensive as a Shadow Clan - so don't expand your clan without intending to. The PC clan (currently a Storm Clan with ~60 members, afaik) have solved the problem with overflow, in the past, by rotating out people who have been inactive for the most time.

(You access your clan by buying the dojo key blueprint and then building it in your foundry. Don't worry, the key is not consumed on use).

Good to know: everyone in the clan can contribute resources to the dojo - so it is certainly not a one-man job.

As for clan roles, have a look at the Clan wikia I linked above - scroll down to "Ranks and Roles" - by default, no one will be able to invite one another, as everyone is placed at the initiate rank (except for the person who create the clan, who will be the Warlord). It's a good idea to promote everyone to "Soldier" for the recruiter role. Also, you can have multiple Warlords (top rank) - the PC clan has 2, as an example. But keep the clan size in mind.


#96 Posted by BlackLagoon (1770 posts) -

@sethphotopoulos: The biggest issue is Forma, which is a relatively rare item and you need one for each room you build in the Dojo. Blueprints are not that hard to get from the Void for experienced players, but it still takes 24 hours to build each and requires several rare resources. Other than that it's just getting enough resources to build rooms and research clan gear, though all clan members can contribute.

#97 Posted by AltonBrown (967 posts) -

I'd join either the primary or secondary clan. Psn : Lordtoastington

#98 Edited by BlackLagoon (1770 posts) -

Just a heads up to any newbies following this thread - every other Friday the developers hold a Q&A livestream on Twitch, and at the end they start a specially 24 hour "Gift From the Lotus" alert mission with a rare reward. This time it's an Orokin Reactor blueprint, which will double the mod capacity of one of your warframes.

It's a 10 minute survival mission against the Infested on Kiliken, Venus, so it shouldn't should be doable for new players, at least if you end up on a decent team. Also remember that you will get the reward as long as one team member finishes, so don't quit the mission if you die and run out of revives - just wait it out and hope for the best.

#99 Posted by SethPhotopoulos (5775 posts) -

@blacklagoon: @refactored: Honestly I think the best thing to do would be to have an experienced member of the primary clan to spin off a secondary clan. I'm too new to understand all of the systems so it probably wouldn't be best for me to start one.

#100 Posted by wild_fire987 (55 posts) -

I too am jumping on the bandwagon... Don't really mind if I'm in VinnCo or another one, but would like to play with a few duders.

PSN: ZombieWieners

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