Warframe Full PS4 Trailer & PC "Cross Play" Details

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Here's the updated full 4 minute PS4 trailer

The Sony blog posted details on the Warframe: Ultimate Fan Pack you get for "pre-ordering" the game. (But since its a free-to-play game, it's really like hey signup for an it before hand get this for free)

The Ultimate Fan Pack includes:

  • A PlayStation Braton Rifle weapon skin
  • 50 Platinum
  • 20,000 Credits

People can signup through SEN on the web, (Appears to be down) or through PlayStation Store on your PS3 — found in the PS4 section — by November 12th.

For the people who may already playing Warframe on PC and thinking about trying out on PS4. Digital Extremes released some details on their community forums about how Cross Play between PS4 and PC will work in the future. (Note: Not a Day 1 feature)

To sum it up, if you have an account on the PC, you can transfer a copy of your progress to the PS4 (excluding your clan membership and platinum). Your account on the PC will be unaffected after the transfer, and from then on you will have two seperate accounts. How the cross-play comes into effect is whenever the PS4 and PC builds are sync'd players on both platforms will be able to play together. The developers have stated on their their latest livestream reason they cannot guarantee cross-play all the time and why accounts are not shared is because they at this moment do not know how often or when their updates will get released on the PS4. On the PC they have been able to release updates as frequently and whenever they wanted. It is understandable why they want to keep that flexibility.

Warframers - here is a quick update on PS4 progress as we're screaming toward deadlines and certification!

Account Migration/Duality:

I’m afraid it's mixed news here. Account duality is dead (update timing has killed this, explanation below). Meaning your PC account cannot be shared back and forth between the PC and PS4.

HOWEVER, we have worked out an alternate solution: a one-time account migration option that will copy over your current progress to PS4. This PS4 cloned account will have everything you currently have except for Platinum (contractual) and Clan Dojo/Membership (technical). You will find this one-time migration option in the Account Management area of the website when PS4 launches in your territory.

Your PC account is unaffected by this migration and both will then progress independently... arguably this solution is a better way for players that want to try out PS4 but want to keep their foot in the door on Warframe PC with uninterrupted updates of the latest and greatest.

Cross-platform Play:

Currently cross platform play is a go but likely not for Day 1, expect this sometime during launch window. The two platforms will cross-play only when build versions are in sync (see below).


Why is duality dead? Why cross-platform play isn't always enabled? It comes down to update frequency.

We don't have guarantees yet on when PS4 updates will come out which means they may drift out of sync by several days from PC. If you get a cool new weapon on PC and PS4 does not have it yet, stuff breaks. We could hold PC back, but we didn't think that was fair. Even then, coordinating with multiple console region QA departments adds too many unknowns to bank on this.

I hope this makes sense! I appreciate your understanding, I'm looking forward to seeing some of you Warframers on PS4 next month!

While I'll be sticking to the game on the PC, I have friends who only play shooters on consoles, and thus this presents an opportunity for us to play Warframe with each other. It would be nice if in the future, like Steam if developers could push out updates / patches whenever they like. Perhaps that's when we will get full cross-compatibility.

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So looking forward to this game. Replaced Assassin's Creed as my first title for the PS4.

And you can't beat that price for pre-ordering.

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I wasn't really planning on playing this game at all, but if it's free, and I get free stuff for making an account should I change my mind, I guess there's no reason not to?

Edit: It took me all of five seconds to click that thing on the PSN website, so yeah, I guess if I play this I'll get that free stuff.

So, thanks.

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So can I sign into my account that I use on the PC for the PS4 version?

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@gw305: From what they said, it's a one time copy of your account, so whatever you have ie. Warframes, Weapons and Items will be copied over to the PS4 version from your PC account. But they will be separate accounts afterwards. Think of it as being able a one time copy of your save and bring it over to the PS4 if you already have a PC account. The only thing that does not transfer over is your clan status, and platinum. If you didn't read, playing with people both PS4 and PC happens only when the builds are in sync with each other.

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It's cool that this is coming to PS4. I need to play more of it but I liked what I've played of it on PC

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I cant find it on the UK store !!

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@rapid: So if signed up for this would I be able to get the "pre-order" stuff on my copied account? Sorry, it's just a bit confusing.

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This is a super tight game, wish I had more time to play it. Definitely recommend it for those who enjoyed ME3 multiplayer.

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@gw305: That I am not sure about either unfortunately, since the migration stuff is coming after the release. I'm actually very curious myself, so I posted the question on the warframe forums

Their community managers are usually pretty good about answering these type of questions.


Skin is linked to the respective PS4 account. It cannot be redeemed/used on a PC account. Basically the ONLY way to use the skin is to play it on PS4.

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I cant find it on the UK store !!

Sony keeps the tradition alive on the PS4. It's US only. 'murrica!

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@thezeez: God dammit!! Hopefully sony has a similar deal before the EU launch happens.

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For those wondering, the pre-order stuff isn't honestly much different than what you get for signing up on PC. Everyone starts out with 50 Platinum (the real money currency) and a Braton rifle. PS4 players just get a WAAAAAAY COOLER LOOKING BRATON! That blue lining on it is gnarly! As for the credits, you'll learn soon that 20,000 credits is good to get you started out, but it's fairly easy to make money in the game once you get a high level warframe built up.

Also, I'm assuming that the first choices for warframes will be the same? Excalibur, Loki, and Mag?

Man, @rapid, maybe the Giant Bomb Warframe community should work on a slight beginner's guide for folks so they know the basics going in, as the game...ya know...doesn't have very good tutorials and just kind of throws you into the mix. After that, we just point them to the Warframe Wiki and let them have at it?

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I'm still hoping for a Mac/Linux port. I know a lot of people who play the beta on PC, but I can't join in with them, and it bugs me.

The fact that I can't even email their support unless I have an account is also annoying.

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@jakob187: We wanted to do a community quick look of this for a while now, sort of like an updated look at Warframe from people like us who have put in a significant number of hours into the game. But, we run into scheduling problems with that since we're all from different time-zones. DE had said they have a new version of the tutorial that should be rolling out soon. They said it goes over wall climbing and mods. Still, I doubt it will cover everything in that it will probably still lack instruction and people will still be confused. If you have any ideas feel free to post them and maybe we can come up with something.

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@rapid: Do you know if there will be any kind of cross-platform voice chat? Most of my friends are getting the PS4 version but one of them recently downloaded the PC version. Just wanna know if we'll be able to communicate to each other during cross-platform play.

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@bigdaddy81: I would assume that the cross-play would include cross-chat as well, since the game already has built-in VOIP on PC. They'll probably just use the same system for PS4.

Otherwise, PS4 people aren't going to be able to communicate with PC people, and that could prove problematic.

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I'm glad they allow you to copy a character from PC. I've got some farming to do before Friday. :)

*edit* That link to the preorder page straight up doesn't work. I've been trying for a couple days. I guess I don't need the bonus if I'm copying my account. Ah well.

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@thatonedudenick: Dood, 50 platinum is still 50 platinum. That's worth a syndana, right?

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From the Playstation Blog:

Warframe: PlayStation Plus Starter Pack (PS4)
  • Free for PS Plus members
  • The starter pack includes:
  • - 100 Platinum
  • - 50,000 Credits
  • - Falcon Mod Pack – includes 5 mods, one guaranteed to be Uncommon or better
  • - 3-Day Affinity Booster – Ranks up equipment at a faster rate
  • - 3-Day Credit Booster – Credits can be gathered quicker

With the pre-oder bonus, PS+ bonus, and the $10 credit that comes with the system I will have about 310 platinum. What do people playing it now suggest I get with it?

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Do spend platinum on:

  • Orokin Catalyst
  • Orokin Reactor
  • Syandanas (Scarf)
  • Clan Emblem*

Consider spending platnium on:

  • Bundles
  • First Sentinel

Do Not Spend Precious Platinum on:

  • Revives (Revives refill ever 24 hours and are per Warframe) - Cannot stress this enough
  • Mod Packs
  • Alternative Helmets

Warframe is one free to play game where almosteverything can be unlocked through playing the game except for cosmetics (sarves, additional colors, and trinkets for Sentinels) which I will talk about below. In Warframe loot drops are in the form of resources. Resources are materials that utilized in blueprints. In short, warframe / weapon blueprints can be bought at the Market with the credits earned in game or by rare drop. With that said as a new player you will not have much credits or any resources to begin with. So I've outlined some details why I think some things are worth buying with Platnium especially when you are first starting the game.

  • Orokin Catayst and Orokin Reactors (or Potatoes as the community calls them) while are craft-able items in game, the blue prints are usually only available in timed exclusive missions called Alerts. How rare? Bi-weekly the developers host a Q&A live stream where they discuss upcoming content updates and changes to the game. (By the way tuning in might give you chance to win free platinum but I'm not their PR >,> ) After their live-stream they will put up a 24 hour mission with either a Catalyst or Reactor blueprint as the reward. Thus, it is quite a semi-rare commodity. When you (permanently) add a Catalyst to a Warframe it doubles mod capacity of that Warframe. Each Mod has a cost to equipping it. As you collect more mods and fuse mods together to make them stronger the cost to equip increases. Mod Capacity determines how many Skills and Talents you can allot to your equipment and normally is proportional to a Warframe's / Weapon's level. ie. Level 1 Warframe has a mod capacity of 1.Each level unlocked is one mod capacity gained. A potato, permanently doubles that. The level cap of a weapon / warframe is 30. But with a potato equipped you'll have 60 Mod Capacity. This is extremely helpful for a newcomer to have catalyst to kickstart their warframe. At level 15, with a potato you will have mod capacity of that of a maxed warframe without a catalyst spent.

  • Syandanas (scarf) while purely cosmetic items, are currently only available with the purchase of platinum. While the physics on them are still being work on, and right now kind of janky...I personally really like them.

  • Clan Emblem* obviously only if your in clan... you want to fly your clan's flag right? Clan Emblems are only available as platinum purchase. On Frost's left shoulder is the Giant Bomb Heavy Industries clan emblem.

Another thing to consider spending platinum on is the bundles sometimes they will do packs of equipment, ie. Warframe + Set of Weapons. They are good because you get a few weapons and a warframe of which each come with a free slot and are pre-potato'd.

I also suggest buying your first sentinel. This is because when you start off you are considerably weaker, and scarce on resources. While Sentinel blueprints can be easily obtained for credits. You'll need a considerable amount of credits in order to actually build it. Sentinels can be very helpful. If you have played PSO a sentinel is a Mag. While you can't feed it.... you can equip it with a set of mods. Depending on the type of sentinel it will do different things in addition to doing damage to nearby enemies. For example the sentinel beside my warframe, is Carrier. It can suck up nearby items that drop automatically.

I won't go into details on the things you should not buy with platinum, just know you would be wasting your platinum if you did.

Revives, each warframe has 4 revives. They refill every 24 hours. You only need a revive if you go down, and there are no squad mates to get you back up, or they don't help you in time.

Mod packs, not worth it, I have never bought it personally but people on the internet said that mod packs are random and sometimes you can even get duplicates in a single pack. Bad. Just play the game.

Alternative Helmets, a cosmetic option but one that you can craft. Alternative helmets are rewards gained by Alerts. While they have additional states, they don't do much sometimes they can counter intuitive to the Warframe. The Developers have said that they are considering removing stats from Alternative Helmets anyways. Just wait for them to appear in alerts.

@jakob187@mrcraggle@ravenlight Did I miss anything? Trying to think what the stuff I would / have spent platnium on? Should one spend platinum for the cheaper Warframes? (Excalibur, Volt Loki) I'm not sure if the prices will change after the PS4 release. I also think one gets a regular Braton (as part of receiving the (Playstation Skin) that's how previous promotions worked. In addition to the MK-1 Braton that everyone starts with.

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@rapid: I'm super sad that the syandana on the far left (the one Volt is sporting) never made it into the game. It was the only one I actually liked the look of.

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@echoecho: Might be wrong, I believe it was Scott that said they might potentially release that one (or another) syandana as a reward for an event down the line.

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I've been clicking that link every day, but I keep getting a "Page Not Found" error. Thoughts, anyone?

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@csl316: People in comments on the Playstation Blog where I got the link have been also reporting that it's not working. I don't know if you can still pre-order it through PSN on the PS3 if you have one.

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@rapid said:

@csl316: People in comments on the Playstation Blog where I got the link have been also reporting that it's not working. I don't know if you can still pre-order it through PSN on the PS3 if you have one.

I actually tried that, too, but it just linked me to a game video. I'll give it another shot right now.

Edit: Ok, it worked on my PS3. Just searched for it, went to the game page, and when you go Add to Cart it details that it's basically a "launch edition" with bonuses.

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@rapid: @mr_misery: Also, spend platinum on increasing your inventory size (as you need it). Otherwise pretty much spot on.

With the way warframe blueprint drops work now, there's no reason to spend Platinum on warframes - only "difficult to get" Warframe that you can spend Platinum on is Nekros, and while it's a cool warframe, it's worth it.

(That said, platinum weapons and warframes come pre-potatoed (informal collective name for Orokin Catalyst/Orokin Reactor - which supercharge warframes and weapons), so make sure to discount the warframe the potato cost when you buy it with platinum.

In fact, I believe Sentinels also come pre-potatoed when you buy them with platinum. So there's that.

So, uh, listen to Rapid, but add "inventory" (warframe and weapon inventory, both) to his list. (Then again, I may be one of the crazy people who have never sold a weapon or warframe after mastering them).

edit: And yeah, realized that you also get the inventory slot - so maybe the cheap warframes are worth it? What's the platinum cost for a potato + warframe inventory slot? And what's the price for Mag, Loki, Volt, Excalibur?

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Man am I reading this right? You seriously get only 50 Plat for the "Ultimate" fan pack?

I haven't played in ages but have plat prices dropped that much?

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@rapid: Weapon slots and Frame slots are good Platinum purchases once you have a few hours under your belt. Another fun cosmetic purchase is a color pack so you can make your Frame stand out from the pack.

In fact, I believe Sentinels also come pre-potatoed when you buy them with platinum. So there's that.

it's worth noting that both the sentinel and it's respective weapon both come potato'd if your purchase one with Platinum.

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Full version of the trailer =)

Nice showcase of the warframe abilities. The cut scenes stayed true to the animations and capabilities of what is possible in game.

Although I want to be able to throw an enemy out of reinforced glass.

@ravenlight Although confused why Rhino did not have rhino iron skin on and the ignis? =p

Loading Video...

So it seems the The Zanuka Project is incorporating stolen Warframe parts into hybrid corpus robots. The dog is one of them, interested in what other new robots the corpus have created.

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I never got the stupid pre order site to work on my computer or on my PS3. Oh well

#35 Posted by tourgen (4568 posts) -

I never got the stupid pre order site to work on my computer or on my PS3. Oh well

me either. sucks

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I bet professional whale-man of video game goods and services and now a professional Sony whale-man, @mattbodega, is really, really happy that this was announced.

Also you know what, I'm happy that Digital Extremes finally have a huge hit on their hands with Warframe.

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Greedy milk is the best.

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Okay so it says on their website under account management:

This Migrate Account option allows you to create a copy of your existing PC account for use on the PS4 version of Warframe. You must have a PSN account to be eligible for a PC to PS4 Account Migration.

The PC to PS4 Account Migration can only occur when the game versions are in sync.

Uhh how exactly do I get the different game versions in sync?

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@dabazz72: DE has said, that account migration will not be available Day 1 PS4 launch. With that said, It's not controlled by the developers and more Sony. The PC and PS4 will be in sync when the content in both builds are the same. It all depends on when Sony will allow the developers to push patches and updates to the game on PS4. They just confirmed on their Livestream that the PC version is going to get a huge content update (Update 11) soon. They have not announced when Update 11 will be coming to PS4. In an ideal situation they would be able to push the patches Date-and Date. Someone ask on their Livestream today why not Cross Play Day 1? The Response from their studio manager was

"We're waiting on things to settle down before moving forward. Once we get Sony familiar with our Update Cycle, the rainbow bridge connects!"

The rainbow bridge is a Thor reference meaning when the PC and PS4 builds are sync they can proceed to allow PS4 account migration and both groups of players on the two platforms to play together


(Too lazy to post it in seperate threads but here is livestream 18 details) @mrcraggle can you update the Update 10 Thread - Warframe Updates (UPDATE 10!) »

Livestream #18

Loading Video...

Summarized by /r/warframe - http://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/1qppyd/livestream_18_recap_and_discussion/

I've bullet pointed and highlighted a few key interesting points of my own based on the recap

  • Technical effort that was done for the PS4 and optimizations have been pushed out to the PC (coming Update 11)
  • Complete rewrite of the present netcode (* (current - sending packets to everyone on contacts list, which burdens connection).
  • Will not solve strict nat issues, but will massively improve connectivity
  • (PC version) A improved host system that elects the best host based on hardware, internety, framerate etc
  • Damage /Armor 2.0 System coming Update 11
  • Enemy Types will have more systemic resistances
  • Old Enemy types getting shields when they didn't use to
  • Weapons will have more effectiviness against Shields, Heath or Armor
  • Achievements coming in Update 11
  • Trading is coming! Update 11 (Limited to Mods and Keys to start with will roll out more as the feature pans out!)

  • Resource Drone (Yes! Lazy to farm resources, want to farm resources even when out of the game?) You send it off to a planet and it will collect resources there. But it can be damaged so there will be a risk / reward mechanic to using the Resource Drone (It's not a new sentinel) Developers referenced the Dead Space 3 Collector Bot Mechanic (Have not played DS3)
  • Scarf Physics have been worked on
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I just crafted my first Orokin Reactor and supercharged my lvl 30 Loki and holy crap did this open up new doors. I was wondering how people were getting such high shields/health while still having such high powers.

@rapid said:


Do spend platinum on:

  • Orokin Reactor
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This game looks phenomenal. I am so jealous PS4 owners get this at launch!

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@lanechanger: It gets better! Aura mods give you more mod power to use, so it's a good idea to use an aura with the correct polarity (as this doubles it's power contribution) for your warframe.

And with Forma you can later add even more mod power by changing (or adding) polarity to one slot - with the drawback that the warframe/weapon/sentinel is reset to rank 0 (but keeps reactor/catalyst if applied) - effectively, it's a "prestige mechanic".

@deranged: It's also available on PC! ;)

You can find the system requirements here.

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Been playing the PS4 version, and I'm having a lot of fun, but I've watched some videos of the PC version and how players have the ability to set navigation points to show other players where to go or what to pick up, and I can't figure out how to do this on the PS4. I've looked at the controls screen, and that didn't help explain it either. Is the feature missing the in PS4 version, or am I just overlooking something obvious?

#45 Posted by Mnemoidian (1014 posts) -

@spaceinsomniac: not tried the PS4 version, and been a long time since I used the gamepad for PC - but I'm seeing some references to R3 being the default waypoint button?

Then again, looking at the PC quickstart guide (not really helpful for you...), seems to suggest that pushing in the sticks is sprint(L3) and crouch (R3), so I don't know. I guess not? And I guess there's no keybind option on the PS4 either... but worth giving a whirl?

There's nothing on the touchscreen or something?

Failing all else, try posting on the warframe PS4 forums about it? :)

#46 Posted by Humanity (13476 posts) -

Been playing the PS4 version, and I'm having a lot of fun, but I've watched some videos of the PC version and how players have the ability to set navigation points to show other players where to go or what to pick up, and I can't figure out how to do this on the PS4. I've looked at the controls screen, and that didn't help explain it either. Is the feature missing the in PS4 version, or am I just overlooking something obvious?

On the 360 controller it's the Back button, so try one of those new menu buttons on the PS4 controller.

#47 Posted by ThatOneDudeNick (1220 posts) -

With the PS4 version, the edges of my screen are cut off. Played around with the screen area options in the console settings, but it doesn't seem to change the game screen size. Not sure what's up with it. I haven't played a whole lot, since I'm waiting to copy my PC account over once the two versions match up.

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@humanity said:

@spaceinsomniac said:

Been playing the PS4 version, and I'm having a lot of fun, but I've watched some videos of the PC version and how players have the ability to set navigation points to show other players where to go or what to pick up, and I can't figure out how to do this on the PS4. I've looked at the controls screen, and that didn't help explain it either. Is the feature missing the in PS4 version, or am I just overlooking something obvious?

On the 360 controller it's the Back button, so try one of those new menu buttons on the PS4 controller.

I still can't figure it out. At this point, I think it's just not in the PS4 version.

I do have another question though, for anyone who cares to answer it. If I buy a color pack, will I be able to paint ALL of my Warframes and weapons using my new colors, or do you have to buy a different color pack for every Warframe or weapon?

If it's just a one time buy for everything on your account, that sounds worth it.

#49 Posted by Opus (158 posts) -

@spaceinsomniac: It's a one-time purchase to unlock the color palette for all of your warframes and weapons.

#50 Edited by Humanity (13476 posts) -

@spaceinsomniac: I investigated a bit into this issue and apparently you're correct in that you can't currently set waypoints on the PS4 version. This is a huge oversight but quite frankly seeing how the game has been evolving on the PC it's not terribly surprising. Warframe is a cool game but at one point the team just stopped fixing major game issues and started concentrating on the front-end and monetizing options.

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