Warframe Gamescom - Archwing Update 15 Gameplay Demo

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The devs showed off a work in progress gameplay of the Archwing on their latest dev stream. In summary, there will be different types of Archwings all with separate abilities. There will also be ArchWing weapons separate from your warframe arsenal. No mention what this subgame mode (as they refer to it as) integrates with the regular game as of yet.

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Digital Extremes made several announcements during their Gamescom Dev Stream about the upcoming updates to the game.

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  • Xbox One Release Date September 2
  • Ice Planet Tileset and Game Mode
  • Tyl Regor Boss redesign
  • Updates to Kubrow (Dog) Customization
  • Concepts for Underwater Tileset and Swimming

One of the biggest teasers is the introduction of space combat that is coming to the game in Update 15

The developers have said to expect on their next live dev stream on september 5th, a gameplay demo of the Archwing.

For details of what else was announced check out this post

Just a note to PS4 players still waiting for the lastest Update to come to PS4. The devs said they submitted a build of Update 14.1 to Sony for cert.

PC players, expect Kubrow customization in Update 14.5. (PC is currently on Update 14.2)

Archive of the Gamescom Stream

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Space combat: So anime, so ridiculous, so awesome.

I quite like Survival missions so I'm a bit bummed they'll be replaced by the new mode on planets.

I hope you can only use Kubrow customization options that you've unlocked via breeding and not just "HEY NOW YOU CAN CHANGE THEIR COLOURS AND PATTERNS!" I'll always opt to work for something over being given it.

New Ice planet looks cool.

Swimming in videogames is never a good idea.

Didn't get to see DEMegan :(

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@corruptedevil: Let's just hope they implement it like that =)

It's anime mechs shooting and slashing boring mechs in space with tons of motion blur and bloom, sounds like ZOE to me.

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Us ps4 owners are still waiting for Update 14, and now this zone of the enders shit comes out of nowhere. I want to hit this shit...I want to taste it.

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Damn, I should've refreshed the forums. I just made a huge update to the updates thread :P

I started it last night but my internet crapped out (thanks Virgin Media) so I had to wait until this morning to finish what I started.

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So as promised they showed off some Archwing game play today. It looks like it is free roaming during missions (and not on rails as some people were worried about)

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That's wassup.

That epic battle in space will blow minds. It would make a great level leading up to a final battle, but anyway that's some crazy shit regardless. I can't want to play this song during that space battle.

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We'll be dancing in space all night with my SPACE SWORD! We'll save the universe for sure.

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@rapid: I never really got the impression that it'd be on-rails, that really just goes against the typical gameplay in Warframe. I'm actually surprised how vast the overall level was. I really hope GB cover this in some form. The game has just changed so much since update 5, it's crazy.

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