Warframe on PS4 trailer

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Warframe is already out now on PC; it's a free-to-play sci-fi shooter with some fancy graphics and intense action.

Well, now it's coming to PS4, according to a story by IGN.

Sony approached developer Digital Extremes about Warframe, asking whether it would bring the free-to-play shooter to the PS4.

"We were very surprised to hear that," said Steve Sinclair, the game's creative director.

Sinclair then revealed that Digital Extremes would still retain the rights to control Warframe and "we don’t have to necessarily get into bed with a publisher and sell away our ideas and kind of lose our creative vision for the game."

Sinclair added that Sony has been "incredibly supportive and available", adding that the PS4 "is incredible to develop for".


It is awesome, and I don’t want to speak disparagingly about any existing or prior platforms, but we showed Warframe for the first time to our entire studio, and everyone had their jaws on the floor, how 1080p, silky smooth and beautiful it was.

"So, I’m really, really enjoying working on the machine.”

Sinclair had a lot of praise for Sony, too, adding that "their attitude, their support and their willingness to work with us to get on the console is an incredible opportunity for a studio like ours."

For now it seems likely that Warframe will remain exclusively on PS4, too, likely tying into Sony's freedom when it comes to publishers, whereas Microsoft requires a publisher to have a game on its Xbox platform.

Sinclair also suggested that the PS4's new DualShock 4 controller will be utilised in some fashion with the PS4 version of Warframe, and will also come with new monthly content and a companion app for iOS and Android.

We've included some PC footage of Warframe below to give you an idea of what you might expect.

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oh you sunnovabitch.

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