Should I get this?

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It's on sale on steam for $14.99, which is great. I've always been looking at Retribution and scratching my head on just what it is. The fact there's no gameplay trailer doesn't help. Is this game similar to DoW 1? With the base building, and resource gathering? Or more like Dawn of War 2? Which I didn't enjoy nearly as much as DoW1. I never played the multiplayer in DoW2 either, I just played the single player campaign and then went back to DoW1.
In short, as a DoW1 fan, is this a good purchase?

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I think it's somewhere in between. I can't say for sure cuz I still need to play more of it, but it's definitely not identical to the other DoW 2 games.

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It is very similar to DOW2 but you can exchange hero units for the ability to access a larger army of non-hero units.  At the end of missions you either choose loot  to buff your hero or your non-hero units.  It kind of forces you down one path, either full of a few hero units or an army of regular units.   The missions are the same between the different races but the races play differently enough to make it fun.  The dialog is good too, especially the ork. 
I only played the Last Stand mode on multiplayer but it was still a lot of fun.  If you at least had some fun with DoW2 then it might be worth a try.  I got my money's worth out of it.

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Alright, thanks guys! I might as well its so cheap and see what happens! Thanks again!

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@Gladiator_Games: I'd suggest you buy it, but the caveat here is that the single player for Retribution is not nearly as expansive as the others. You get to play as any race, but you follow the exact same storylines with slightly different dialogue. As for the multiplayer, it is fun, and there is a small group of GB duders (including myself) who still play it every so often, so let us know if you want to play a round.
As for the gameplay itself: basebuilding is nonexistent (except for the occasional turret). There is only building special units, micromanaging them, and keeping them alive as long as you can.
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really like it and it adds some much extra content. Last stand is really good (adds some heros) story is kinda ho hum but it is told from the all the factions points of view. multiplayer wise, adds some new features (auto reinforce) and the IG team. It is exactly like dow2 rather than dow1, no base building here at all. if you are exciting for army painter, there are a few more armies to download to add various effects on guys.

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If you liked any part of DoW2, than buy this title. Retribution has one of the best dialogues (I just love what Relic has done with the Orks) and is a great purchase. The Last Stand, although not robust enough to keep your attention for too long, is a great side-piece that will get you a couple of hours of fun at the least. They also have a ton of DLC for the Last Stand if that is your fancy.

EDIT: Then I realized this was posted 6 months ago.........





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its worth it for last stand alone

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