Base building

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Was curious what people thought about the fact that there's not going to be any structure building in the new DoW game. I relatively suck at RTS games in general but Ive been very fond of the DoW games. My lack of skill probably associates with the fact I tend to turtle and practically treat the game like a city builder, but I had fun. Learning this new tid bit was a little disconcerting, but I can understand it still working out really well. I understand its taking alot of what was built upon Company of Heroes, Relics last game. What do you guys think?

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NO structure building at all? Well that's a bit much.

I don't like it, I don't like it one bit

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In theory as someone who loves stratrgy games it seems like a bad idea because it literally takes out some of the strategy of that type of game.
I should mention I played and loved DoW1 and Company of Heroes though and feel Relic is making the best RTS's out there right sooooo.....
I Guess I will give it try and then pass my judgment because Relic has built a good rep with me personally.

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I welcome it with open arms.  I hate base building in RTS games.

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Doesn't The new tom clancy game lack base building? If not, it definitely doesn't have much of it from what i've seen/heard. I personally hate it when games lack good base building. It was a strategy all on its own in Starcraft and games of the time.

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I like it when theres just a little base building such as DoW and COH

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Go play WiC that game did fine with out the base building aspect.

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Dawn of War 2 is not World in Conflict, and we should not confuse the two. Is even a little base building that bad? Its like developers have called a jihad on all of the tried and true aspects of RTS just to shake things up.

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the developers have come out and said that the game will focus on squad combat and not building a base
how is that not exactly like WiC

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trecipticon said:

the developers have come out and said that the game will focus on squad combat and not building a base
how is that not exactly like WiC

Well WiC basically replaced base building with a First Person Shooter style respawn wave. This sounds more like a squad based game, but controlled RTS style.

Ohh happy day, I love it.

I thought Company of Heroes was cool, but the feel of personally winning the battle with your squads was cheapened to me by all the base building later on. The paratrooper mission was great, I loved gearing up a few key squads and making sure they survived. I really wished that they did all the missions like that.

But DoW2 sounds exactly like that, I'm even more exited now.
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Depending on how they manage unit acquisition, this could either be brilliant or horrid. Knowing Relic, it would be 'brilliant'.

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Awesome I think!

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