Difference between standard Dawn of War 2 and the gold edition?

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What is the difference between the standard version of dawn of war 2 and the gold edition?

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@redbliss: Gold edition comes with the Chaos Rising expansion.

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@delorean99947: Thank you

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Just bought the whole pack on the steam sale. I seem to remember they are stand-alone, is that correct? Which one should I start with?

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@jozzy: You can import your characters from DoW II into Chaos Rising, so I'd say play the regular campaign first.

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@mscupcakes said:

@jozzy: You can import your characters from DoW II into Chaos Rising, so I'd say play the regular campaign first.

Ok, thanks! Will try the regular game first. Always wanted to try these games, but never pulled the plug.

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@mscupcakes: Are the DoW 2 expansions worth buying? I have not played DoW 2, but I think I would like it. I dont really want to miss the sale on those expansions.

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@redbliss: I bought the Gold Edition a while ago and I haven't regretted it! If it's on sale then I'd say definitely go for it. I might actually pick up the Retribution pack later :D

#9 Posted by L1GHTN1N (667 posts) -

@redbliss: Chaos Rising is basically more of Dawn of War 2 with a few minor twists, it includes the Chaos faction for multiplayer and a new campaign that's about the length of the original Dawn of War 2. Retribution doesn't have much story to it's campaigns, and is a little more RTS-like. Instead of just controlling the 3-4 units you do in the other DoW2 games you control a commander and other lesser units, I think you reinforce throughout the mission. Each faction has a full campaign so you can play as your preferred however they play fairly similarly. It wasn't my cup of tea but you might enjoy it. The best thing about Retribution for me was the new stuff for the The Last Stand which is its Horde-mode that's a blast.

If you have the money they are all worth getting, otherwise I think you'd be fine skipping Retribution.

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