DoW II - What more could you want?

#1 Posted by Verge (47 posts) -

So I recently finished up the campaign in Dow II, great stuff, finished it in Co-Op. I was wondering what others would like to see added to the campaign side of the game when those inevitable expansions roll out. For myself it would be slightly better co-op integration, for example some achievements can only be earned by the host which is a shame, but I'm sure they had there reasons for this. Also greater mission variety would have been nice, as it basically has the standard mission and the defend type mission. So what is it you'd like to see added, which races do you think will hit next?

#2 Posted by IncredibleBulk92 (936 posts) -

I really loved the campaign, havn't quite finished it yet but I would have loved to see the same campaign with different factions.  If they released an expansion with an Ork or Tyranid campaign then the game would just be perfect.  I loved leveling up my Space Marines and getting them new armour and guns, just wish there was a bit more variety offline.

#3 Posted by keyhunter (3207 posts) -

I should probably pick it up today

#4 Posted by snide (2413 posts) -

Absolutely loving this game. Only thing I can really neg it for is a fairly ho-hum story compared to the others. Hoping to put some time into the co-op this weekend.

#5 Posted by Verge (47 posts) -

For me co-op really opened up the strategical element of the game, as I found trying to manage 4 squads a bit too much at times on my own. But with two players it was great, providing suppressive and additional fire as my friend tore things apart in close combat was a blast. Hope you have as much fun with it as I did. Oh and side not, turn the music way up for the final battle, makes it ten times more epic.

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Purchased the game yesterday, and loving it so far. Although I wish the battles are bit more large scaled.

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I'm getting this game on Monday look for my feedback, but the beta was perfect more combat focused, like how a real RTS should be.

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I'm really impressed with the campaign. I love how they still managed to cram some of the ideas from the campaign into the multiplayer also, like outfitting your commander with different things to mix and match a sort of play style you want to use for him. Relic continues to impress the hell out of me.

Aronto said:

"I'm getting this game on Monday look for my feedback, but the beta was perfect more combat focused, like how a real RTS should be."
:/ Or just... how a combat focused RTS should be.
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coop with two full armies would be cool, and IncredibleBulk92 said same campain but with different factions would be great. On the New armies front i wouldn't be supprised if we get Imerial Guard due to some models/artwork already done, but if that is the case i hope we get more then one army rather then the winter assualt expansion in DOW1 which only added the IG.

More mission squares would add some needed freshness to the campaign worlds as well

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