DOW2 do & don't wish list thread

#1 Posted by StormtrooprDave (22 posts) -

Say what you hope will and will not be in DOW2.

I hope they keep the same voices, I love hearing SM when they shout squad broken!
Hope they don't include flying units.

#2 Posted by Blood_for_the_blood_God (300 posts) -

a w40k version of Commandos, dont get me wrong, commandos was the shit, but i want a real rts out of dawn of war not squad babysitting

#3 Posted by JackSchitt (4 posts) -

Please put some buildings in the multi-player!!!

#4 Posted by chandlerr_360 (110 posts) -

They need to make the multiplayer completely different from the single player. I am fine with a campaign focused on your squads surviving and controlling a small amount of troops, but multiplayer needs to be on a larger scale, a lot like CoH.

#5 Posted by degsy (2 posts) -

i would like to see the imperial guard as a playable race in the multiplayer

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