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Dawn of War III is a real-time strategy game currently in development at Relic Entertainment, taking place in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe created by Games Workshop. It is the third core game in the Dawn of War franchise.

Early on, the game was speculated to be a free-to-play release in the vein of Company of Heroes Online. This sprung from a statement by THQ core games boss Danny Bilson that, depending on CoHO's performance, Dawn of War 3 might follow suit. However, CoHO was later cancelled, making the move to a free-to-play model seem doubtful.

None the less, Danny Bilson has once again stated that the game is borrowing ideas from the original, its sequel, CoHO and the "Last Stand" mode, which was later incorporated into Dawn of War 2 via a patch, while also revealing that the game is going for a much larger scale. In his statement, he explains that the sequel will be "MMO-like" in that it will feature a persistent world, though the tactical squad-based action at the series' core will remain unchanged. Much like CoHO, the game will feature permanent upgrades for squads and heroes.

Customizable Armies

Relic marketing manager James McDermott told Eurogamer that part of the vision for DoW III is a much higher sense of customization than in any previous RTS titles, allowing each and every player to build and expand upon an entirely unique army that plays completely differently depending on sheer scale, troop choices, equipment and tactics, thus creating room for more innovation. Whether the player takes a small elite strike-force, supported by heavy weapons, built to strike fast and cripple the enemy army, or a massive infantry horde with fast transportation to drown his foes in sheer numbers is just an example for the level of choice available to the player. Relic's aim is to let the player experience what it is really like to be a warlord in the brutal Warhammer 40,000 Universe.

The game was originally expected to ship between August 2012 and February 2013. It is scheduled for a full reveal at Gamescom 2012.

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