Sign the petition, So Relic will get us our well deserved patch.

#1 Posted by Farley_Lives (313 posts) -

I tired creating a topic on relicforums and the mods locked it, because they have the iq of a gerbil. If your tired as i am waiting for a patch sign it, bump this topic if you can and TELL YOUR FRIENDS. Once the numbers of signatures get to a high number i'm taking screenshots and sending them to every game news outlet i c

#2 Posted by Fr0Br0 (3202 posts) -

Petition? You keep on believing that will work...

#3 Posted by Farley_Lives (313 posts) -
link doesn't work anymore try this one.

#4 Posted by Asrahn (572 posts) -

Wouldn't blame the patching problems on Relic really, since it´s Iron Lore that made this stand-alone expansion.

Sign as many petitions as you want, Iron Lore broke up right after the release.

#5 Posted by Farley_Lives (313 posts) -

Wrong, relic had said that they would make the patch

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