Dawn of War - Where to Begin?

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In my youthful folly, I bought two complete collections within two days. Ezio's Trilogy with all the Assassin's Creed 2 games, and the Dawn of War Ultimate Collection including Dawn of War 1 & 2 and all add-ons. Just finished up the first Assassin's Creed 2 game, and now I'm looking to dive into the Dawn of War franchise.

What I'm asking, is DoW 1 & Add-ons still worth the time? Or should I jump right into DoW 2?

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dawn of war 1 is a completely different type of game than dawn of war 2.    If you want something like a normal RTS then play the first dawn of war series.   Dawn of War 2 is more like an squad based action RPG (single player campaign).  Story seems insignificant so you can jump into Dawn of War 2 if you really wanted.

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DoW 1 & 2 are extremely different games. There are some MINOR story elements seeped in the first games and their expansions that creep up on Retribution, but it isn't a big deal. Play either, they are both great.

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I'm commited to playing DoW 1 & all addons now. Hopefully this doesn't prove to be my 'Full On Retard' move. Always wanted to play it way back when, but never got around to it. Tonight's the night I guess.

I just hope it holds up.

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Dark Crusade's da bess, don't keep your hope up for Soulstorm unless it's for comedic value.

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Do you like Warhammer 40k? Then you'll love both those games.

Aside from the Blood Ravens story, there is very little relation from DoW1-2. DoW1 is a Starcraft-ish base building, unit massing RTS, whereas DoW2 is all about small squads of hero units that get deployed at the beginning of a mission (no bases except for multiplayer).

They are both great games, and honestly if you don't really care about the story much, I'd just jump into DoW1-Soulstorm because the Risk-style campaign map is super addictive. Play all of the DoW2 stories though as they are pretty awesome (except for the end boss of Chaos Rising -.-).

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I really liked the campaign for the Original DoW and Dark Crusade. Never finished Winter Assault's or played Soul Storm.

Edit: If you like the original DoW, then make sure to check out Company of Heroes as well. Its the spiritual successor to DoW and a lot closer to it than DoW 2.

Edit 2: Company of Heroes is also the best rts ever (suck in SC fans).

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I didn't care for the narrative in Dark Crusade, Soulstorm or Retribution because it was spread so thin between all the factions, but both games are worth checking out. The Dreadnaught execution moves in the original blew my mind back in 04.

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Just installed the game. Dang - it's a 2004 title and doesn't support 16:9 resolutions. Truely - it's going to be a trip back in time.

And yes - with my limited exposure to the 40k universe (THQ's/Relic's Space Marine game), I friggin' adore it.

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I love all the original DoW games, but Dark Crusade is where its at. Still theres no harm in starting from the start and working through it. Just skip soulstorm.

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Dawn of war 2 sucks major cock if you like rts games. If you like lootish squad control games that are dumbed down then dow2 is for you.

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@konig_kei said:

Dawn of war 2 sucks major cock if you like rts games. If you like lootish squad control games that are dumbed down then dow2 is for you.

I like games. Hence I have no problem enjoying most games.

DoW 1 is pretty dope, other than my copy being a German non-Steam version. It's going to be a hassle to get the real flavor VOs. Already got the unit speech fixes, but there doesn't seem to be a voice patch for the cutscenes.

I am looking forward to the RPGish DoW 2 way more than DoW 1 though - tastes differ I guess. And it's a Steam game, so Enlish VOs are a-go too. For the Emperor!

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Dow 2 is the correct answer.

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DoW 2 is kind of inferior to Company of Heroes; the first game was more unique, although it wasn't balanced at all.

That said, they're both good. I just liked the first one more I guess...

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@Seppli: Personally, I'd skip past Dawn of War 1. It's sort of a pretty okay dated RTS with only a handful of things that make it unique. Dawn of War 2, however, is something entirely special.

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Dawn of War 1 is super fun, you should absolutely play it. Dawn of War 2 is awesome too but its a very different game and there are things I prefer in the first game to the second. 1 is lots of base building, 2 is more tactical. Both are awesome, I'm currently playing through DoW 2:Retribution on Onlive. Sucks for multiplayer and Last Stand as there's NOBODY playing it but seeing as how Relic wont make me a Mac version, it'll have to do.

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