Does this game have Multiplayer AI-Bots?

#1 Posted by fentonalpha (820 posts) -

Can anyone who has purchase / rented this game confirm whether or not there is a option to play offline multiplayer against Bots?  Something I hope there is to give the game a little longer lifespan.

#2 Posted by chrissedoff (2152 posts) -

more importantly can you play as da orks

#3 Posted by fentonalpha (820 posts) -
@chrissedoff: The one thing i do know from what i read is that its just Spacemarines and Chaos I'm afraid.  You'll have to find a place to wage Waaagh! elswhere sadly.
#4 Posted by vaportra1l (272 posts) -

No, you can't play as orks or against bots.

#5 Posted by big_jon (5743 posts) -


#6 Posted by fentonalpha (820 posts) -

Thanks for the response.  The future of Singleplayer gaming is indeed grim.

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