Multiplayerpass not included in the digital version(PSN)

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Do I have to pay for the onlinepass even though I bought the full game off PSN?

Edit: I must specify that this is from that THQ-sale and I'm on European PSN.

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I can't really answer that, because I've never bought a game with an online pass digitally, but that sounds messed up. I was curious if the description on the store said anything about the online pass, so I turned on my PS3 to go check, but I can't find the full game on there anywhere. All I see is the demo and some avatar/add-on full game download. So, maybe there was a problem with it or something and they are trying to fix it? No idea. All I know to suggest would be to contact Sony.

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Contact Sony or the company that develops/publishes the game. I'm sure they'd give you a code.

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@ahaisthisourchance said:

Edit: I must specify that this is from that THQ-sale and I'm on European PSN.

Ah...I guess that's why I couldn't find it. I still think the best bet is contacting Sony to see what they say. I did some google searches and found some people posting responses from THQ. The response was basically that it has nothing to to with THQ and then they told the people to buy the pass. Here was the one I saw. I think it's about the 8th post where someone posts a reply they got from THQ.


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