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Now, in my experience, the matchmaking on the PS3 version of Space Marine is busted. I was wondering if anyone would be interested in playing in private matches so, you know, we could get into games quickly and such. I'm pretty confident this will work, so let's give it a shot. Mainly, I just want to try the multiplayer, which I haven't even seen yet.

If you're interested, leave your PSN ID in this thread. If you're shy, just friend the people already listed. We can totally make this work.

Forum NamePSN IDTimezone
extremeradicalaxolotl950GMT -7
AestheticSynthesisAestheticSynGMT -8
betusbluesPFC-Platoon1015GMT -8
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PSN: AestheticSyn 

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@AestheticSynthesis: Added. Sorry it took so long, circumstances happened.

I'll try to add you on PSN tomorrow.

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Mine is PFC-Platoon1015. Also pacific time.

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