Space Marine Multiplayer BOOM !

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#1 Posted by OlehBubalehWTM (12 posts) -

In this video you can see the one of the best moments of this game in multiplayer. Everyone includes me have lags, host problems and other bad things that can spoil the game... But if you do not pay attention on this you will see amazing, epic, brutal, interesting & revolutionary 3rd person shooter. I hope you will like my video and hard work. Your opinion is very important for me battle brothers!

Check out this video in 1080p only and SUBSCRIBE for more video in future.

In the next part you will see amazing gameplay montage of very good player 'ferreus Reckson'.

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#2 Posted by gorkamorkaorka (552 posts) -

I love me some Space Marines, but don't ever use that song for anything, unless you're being ironic. I would have much rather heard the sound from the game. Even if the song fits, people might not like it, and then might not like the video. There's no way to make this sound nice, but I'm trying to help. This comic explains it:

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#3 Posted by big_jon (6396 posts) -

@gorkamorkaorka: lol

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#4 Posted by Seedofpower (4053 posts) -

Stalker Rifle is the best gun in the game hands down, even after they nerfed it. Too bad nothing can hold my attention playing it after hitting lvl 41.

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#5 Posted by me3639 (2006 posts) -

Only game I have ever i have continued to play online. Chaos MP is just plain brutal. I'm still trying to complete the bonus wave, which in the words of Ryan Davis could be described simply as "GODDAMMIT".

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