Woooooo Space Marine beats expectations and pushes 1.2m units.

#1 Posted by Seedofpower (3951 posts) -


I'm pretty fucking stoked about this, more money put into Relic means (hopefully) better products and from the article they say they are revealing a new game next month. My money is down on Dawn of war 3, just sayin.

#2 Posted by big_jon (5809 posts) -

Really? Awesome!

#3 Posted by MURDERSMASH (251 posts) -

That's good to hear. I really enjoyed that game.

#4 Posted by Delta_Ass (3287 posts) -

Spehss Mahreens!

#5 Posted by Butano (1805 posts) -

Haven't picked it up yet, but I really want to. I'm sure Steam's Christmas sale will remedy that.

#6 Posted by Marz (5677 posts) -

maybe they are counting my 99 cent purchase of space marine on OnLive in their numbers :P

#7 Posted by EchoEcho (837 posts) -

Good news. Enjoyed the game, and the multiplayer is fun (if laggy). Would probably play it more if any of my friends had picked it up. High sales means likelihood of a sequel (eventually), which I'd certainly look forward to. For now, I'm eagerly awaiting the first footage of Dawn of War III.

#8 Posted by shootfast (16 posts) -

Cmon ww2 needs love! COH 2!!!!!!!!!!!

#9 Posted by RandomInternetUser (6789 posts) -

Good to hear, I'll be buying this sometime around Christmas (possibly on sale if it goes on sale during the Steam sale).

#10 Posted by Mnemoidian (999 posts) -

Nice to hear, it's a pretty good game.

Will be interesting to see if they stick to their guns with not making a direct sequel - but instead leading directly into the MMO (which reportedly plays similarily to Space Marine?) when that is released in 2013(or later).

Would be interesting to see the continuation of the story at the end of the game.

Or another chapter. Blood Angels, maybe? ;) (not really.)

#11 Posted by Wuddel (2107 posts) -

Nice. I am excited for Dawn of War 3!

#12 Posted by Metal_Mills (3055 posts) -

But no sequel. Lame. :(

#13 Posted by Mr_Skeleton (5161 posts) -

Good fore them, it was a good game.

#14 Posted by SquadBroken (280 posts) -

Great news for one of my favourite developers! My ultimate dream would be Dark Crusade 2. Aahm jus buildin mah bases, 4 de emperor yo

#15 Posted by TaliciaDragonsong (8609 posts) -

Loving it, we need more games like this!

#16 Posted by KingPossum (237 posts) -

@Metal_Mills: Absolutely lame indeed, but I'm hoping the accomplishments of this title might change their view and allow them to create a proper sequel.

#17 Posted by Seedofpower (3951 posts) -

@Metal_Mills said:

But no sequel. Lame. :(

Yeah it's a shame, I wouldn't mind another one. On the flip side Relic does plan on supporting it for a while like dawn of war 2.

#18 Posted by thehexeditor (1404 posts) -

This is surprising news to me.

#19 Posted by Jeffsekai (7058 posts) -


#20 Posted by AngeTheDude (703 posts) -

Nice! I was worried that this game undersold and would be the only Space Marine game ever.

#21 Posted by mazik765 (2316 posts) -

Space Marine 2 and Dawn of War 3, let's do this!

#22 Posted by phrosnite (3518 posts) -

But it's shipped... Anyways more money for Relic can be nothing but good news.

The Emperor protects!

#23 Posted by CosmicQueso (575 posts) -


#24 Posted by CaptainCody (1526 posts) -

Hell yeah, I wasn't a fan of it during the ork parts of the campaign but I damn loved all that chaos shit.

#25 Posted by CornBREDX (6256 posts) -

That's cool.

I have no interest in it but it's cool other IPs can get a better chance. That's always nice to know.

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